Booey vs The Fagucci, Pt2, Feat. TaTa

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  1. OH YES! The saga continues! FINALLYYYYY we found the battery charger so when the batteries finally being charged and the opportune moment for photos errupted, i was destined to update this lil story!


    Booey & the FaGucci... (and his fave toy, the fish)


    ANNND (with a little *or a lot* coaxing with CatNip!) TaTa! aka, Babette You ***** (yes that's her full name. she's hot!) oooh ya in her new collar!:


    for those of you who don't know my kitties:

    Catch up!


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  2. He's Rollin!

    Diggin claws in:

    check those back claws out! RAWR kitty!:

    Digging and chewing:

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  3. she looks so still but she's moving so fast i could barely get a good one LOL:


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  4. moral of the story.

    this is what i think of fake handbags. my cats share the sentiment!~

    enjoy hehe i love watching them rip at that thing! i'll try to upload a vid to youtube sometime!
  5. i like the last pic!!

    claws out with the "i'm gonna destroy this bag" look in the eyes!!!

    The bag is at least starting to look unclean =)

    still holding up though. Urgh
  6. cute!!
  7. Babette looks so adorable. Oh, Booey too!
  8. Babs doesn't really get to play as much cuz Booey will knock her away and she won't come back. i acctually had to stand right next to her so he wouldn't come around and ruin her fun. but i DID get the sexy shot of her digging her claws in for dear life! :love: that one hehe!

    it IS looking dirtier, and was covered in cat nip, but that's long been eaten~
  9. I love your kitties they are so friggin adorable!
  10. my cats love you too!

    especially babette. she can take one damn fine picture! she's adorable!
  11. That is so funny. Your cats are very cute and I live babettes new collar!!
  12. thanks! aren't they awesome! i hope that fagucci gets tattered soon!
  13. VB-My friend told me about your pussycat pics. They are soooo cute
  14. awww thanks so much for looking :yes: they ARE cute even tho booey was very bad...
  15. dude, i wasn't gonna post this but i have to.

    the cat was beatin the fagucci up last night (booey the black cat... MY cat) and i rewarded him with some catnip (on the purse, to make him claw it even more)

    so jake and i are watching him, i'm standing barely 3 feet away from him and jakes right on the couch. we're both watching him an he knows it.

    he rolls in the catnip, claws a few times, and then promptly gets up and PEES RIGHT ON THE BACKPACK DEAD IN THE CENTER OF IT WITH BOTH OF US WATCHING HIM.... DEAD IN THE CENTER OF MY LIVING ROOM HARD WOOD FLOOR. OMG.

    so i let him pee on it cuz it's his... but right after i saw him being done i grabbed a hold of him and put his nose in it. then he got a bath. which he protested by ripping our shower curtain off. bastid.

    ha. he's cleaner now, but the Demise of the FaGucci has come and gone. that thing went to the garbage last night outside LOL EW!

    my cat's an effing pig.