boobies located

  1. I've been trying to locate an Ink boobie and in my search I found these:

    Susan (San Francisco); 415.922.3685
    1 in blue

    Neiman Marcus (San Francisco); 415.362.3900, 877.623.6264
    1 in grey and 1 in brown

    If by chance anyone knows where I can find an Ink it would be greatly appreciated :yes:
  2. hmmmmmmmm, i'm not sure where to find one now (?) :shrugs:...i used to have an ink boobie, but i sold it...good luck finding one :tender:
  3. Yeah, I second that notion ... since this style has been discontinued, they are getting harder than Hen's teeth to find!!!

    As far as I know, the one at Susan/SF is the 2005 Teal color (I bought the other one which was the Sky Blue).

    Have you tried calling Balenciaga-NYC?
  4. I have an Ink one, but I'm keeping it. Its one of my faves. The one at Susans is Indigo (very nice blue, I have one too). My ultimate one is the Calcaire Boobie which according to Joseph at Balny was made. I sold all mine, all I have left is my Magenta, Chocolate, Ink, Indigo and Turquoise.....has anyone ever seen a Calcaire Boobie? me neither.
  5. Ooh! I love boobies! I wonder why they discontinued the style? Granted, I still haven't figured out what to put in mine, but they are so darn cute...
  6. I love this thread... "boobies located" :roflmfao:
  7. Good question!

    I actually asked Bal NY why in the world they would discontinue the style and she replied styles have to change...:crybaby:Maybe they have something new coming up to replace it who knows?
  8. Is this pale rose or calcaire?
  9. ^ Looks like calcaire to me but I'm no pro.

    What did boobies retail for when they were available in stores?
  10. ^^ Looks like '06 pale rose to me. Calcaire looks almost white, but with pinkness to it.
  11. Hmmm, looks like pale pink to me too...nice to see a pink one!
  12. I second that... I'm still looking for mine!!:roflmfao:
  13. OK, where else can Boobies be located, and how much do they typically run?
  14. Since they are no longer available they can be tough to find. I think everyone is pretty much holding onto the ones they have...I found mine on eBay mostly, and I have paid as much as $300+ for some of the hard to find colors. I got carried away with my boobie buying, I had to stop the madness at some point. Now I just have my faves.
  15. Sorry, this is OT, but I just love the word "boobies"! :roflmfao: