Boobie pics ;-) and request for boobie info!

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  1. Sooo.... came across this at a local Danish forum, made a quick decision and bought it. It's lovely, the leather is silky - but I'm not sure I'll be keeping it. Anyways, while I debate with myself, I thought I would share a couple of pics, I know there are some boobie fans out there!

    And a couple of questions: I did a little research, and it seems that the boobies/planets/pods were only made in 2005 and S/S 2006? Can anyone tell me if that's correct? And if so, I guess the colour would be Calcaire? (and thus 2005, hence the great leather...)

    It's hard to capture the colour, but I think the picture of the tag is closest to what it looks like IRL.
    IMG_1716.JPG IMG_1719.JPG IMG_1700.JPG
  2. ^^I second those threads (I was going to link the same ones).

    I think it's Calcaire.
  3. Thanks kay and beaux! It's definitely too dark to be white or ivory, so it is probably Calcaire.
  4. Congrats! These Planets are so hard to find nowadays. Yours is lovely, enjoy!
  5. It looks like 05 calcaire to me too, doesn't really look white at all. It's more the ivory white to me!~

    Congrats to ur rare find, it's adorable!!
  6. Beautiful example of the calcaire color. You have such a rare little gem there! Congratulations on your find. I only have a few, but I love them! CeeJay is now the BoobieQueen - she has a large collection!
  7. I bought a bordeaux Boobie recently, but unfortunately I'm just not feeling the love on this one. Will hang on to it to see whether it grows on me or not.
  8. Thanks everyone! And yes, the colour is lovely, but like DesignerNewbie I'm not sure I am feeling the love... so still debating with myself!
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    hey JSY, i want you to look at this 08 evergreen that im buying tomorrow, but i dont know how to show you without breaking the rules...i could post a link here (there is a link in the authentication thread).. i really just want to know if the zippers go out past the edges of the bag ... do they? thanks- your the only one ive seen here with the same bag im going to get :smile:
  10. ^^OMG! You're so lucky - I'd kill for a bordeax boobie!!! :heart:
  11. Cailin, I left a visitor message for you (thought it was a PM, apparently not, still learning here!).
  12. thanks so much for the message! ;)
    i dont know how to leave PM's or "visitor" messages or else i would have left a message there -
    but yes! thanks SO much !
    have a good day !
  13. ^^ You're welcome! Good luck:tup:
  14. When I saw that, I thought is is 06 Pale Rose!
    I thought it is too pink for Calcaire...

    Lovely find JSY!