Boo! Zappos changed their Price Protection Policy

  1. Just found out they're a *bit* stingier now:

    110% Price Protection Policy *
    Each customer is permitted to apply this offer to a maximum of one (1) item during any given calendar month

    Only one??? (sigh) It'll keep my purchases under control, I guess :smile:
  2. there had apparently been a lot of "abuse"...i don't know, i think it's very nice of them to offer the policy in the first place, once a month isn't that much of an imposition imo. but i never PM'd with them...
  3. Wow, that stinks...Thanks for letting us know!
  4. i think it's great they offer to beat prices, but generally, their prices are a little higher to begin with and they never have coupon codes.
  5. ITA, I would very rarely buy one of their full price items!
  6. I was able to get Zappos to pricematched a pair of shoes on Bloomingdale website. Zappos price was $180 but I got it for $92 bucks after 110% price protection.

    The part thats interesting was that Bloomingdale is not able to ship the shoes until Feb 19, 08, but i got the shoes from Zappos through their free next day delivery!!! Go figure!!!
  7. that is true...
  8. They changed the policy cause everyone on SD was abusing the heck out of it. They were all pm'ing shoes and getting $100 shoes for $7.
  9. That's too bad! I just bought my first price-match boots from them this week. It won't keep me from shopping with them, just make me more selective in my purchases ;)
  10. That's a bummer, still better than saying no price protection at all! I think I've done the price protection about 5-6 times, once on pink uggs for 60$!
  11. Aww, sometimes deals just all come at once and I would want to PM them all!! Do I sound greedy? :shame:

    At least they're still price matching. I get spoiled with their next day deliveries....
  12. That sucks, I love their price matching policy, but once a month isn't too bad I guess. What's SD?
  13. slickdeals = sd
  14. I think the prices may be a little higher because they incorporate their overnight shipping into the price. not sure though.
  15. the prices are also higher because they need to pay for the excellent customer service they have. oh how i HATE calling my computer or cell phone company...they could really learn something from zappos!

    plus, they let you return stuff within 365 days! having that lenient of a return policy means that they spend a lot of time restocking and paying for return shipping.