BOO! on SA's with attitudes!

  1. I was so ready to get a Chanel bag today at Nordstrom.

    But the SA who greeted us actually said "hello" to MY BAG rather than looking at us. And he was quite snotty. He didn't even let me finish my question when he answered, "No, we don't but I'll check when I have a minute." :cursing:
    Why do people have to be so rude? Especially sales associates. Don't they KNOW that they need to adjust their attitude to help the customer? Who hires and manages these people?? I usually love Nordies but it's just too bad that store lost a sale today...
  2. lolz. some of the SA are like that. You just have to find the right one. Same situation happened with me at LV in South Coast plaza. They think they own the place since they work there. I'm sorry to hear that.
  3. Ugh, sorry to hear about that!! :tdown: Some SA's seem to forget common decency in dealing with customers, let alone the fact that they are in the service industry :rolleyes:... luckily, there are some great SA's out there, and although this man clearly is NOT one of them, you'll definitely find a great one! :heart:
  4. You should complain to the manager that they lost a big sale and any future business because of the way you were treated by the SA. I guarantee they will fall over themselves to accomodate you.
  5. How rude. So what bag were you carrying.
  6. I hate that.
  7. aww..that's not good to hear. You should defn make a call to his manager and things would be settled. usually SA's at Nordies are really nice...but don't let that discourage you from getting a nice bag! [:
  8. the s/a's at Chanel on Rodeo are like that -- ugh!
    hate that

  9. lol
  10. It really shouldn't matter what bag a lady is carrying. UGH! I'm still mad! :cursing: Anyways, thanks for letting me vent everyone. :yes: And thanks to everyone who posted positive experiences with SA's. I think I'll look for one who is recommended by my friends here at tPF! :tup:
  11. Well if he said hi to your bag he must have liked it. I don't see what the big deal is about stating what bag you were carrying.
  12. Balenciaga City.
  13. You know what's funny, though? Some of the customers probably make more money than these SA's, yet they act like they own the store. I find it so ironic that they treat potential customers in that manner.

    I know how you feel because I was at the NM in Scottsdale, and an elderly woman was quite rude to me when I wanted to see some Chanel purses. She was so quick to direct me to Gucci, where it was "more on my price range."

  14. I was just curious what bag she was carrying because she stated sa said hello to her bag. Of course it really shouldnt matter what bag you are carrying when you enter a store. But as a bag addict, I had to ask.
  15. Sorry to hear what happened to you girls. But a similar thing happened to a girlfriend's mom many yrs ago ( this happened before the handover) but thought i'd like to share it with everyone.
    She was in a HK gucci store (dont remember which branch) browsing and asked a SA to pls show her a certain purse that was behind the counter. The SA told her that it was too expensive for her to afford it. :wtf: I feel that sometimes these SA judge customers by the way they dress, our watches, our shoes/bags, etc but they don't seem to understand that, there are wealthy people who are dressed so simply. Anyways, to make a long story short, my friends father upon hearing what this SA told his wife, demanded he see the manager. He asked the manager how much her entire store cost and that he would buy everything in it provided this particular rude SA doesn't get the commissions? :graucho: Anyways, my friend and her entire family including the maids had gucci stuff as presents when they got back home. :lol: