BOO My Grenat Box is not to be.....

  1. I ordered the Grenat box from Raffaello they charged my card and I thought it was just a matter of days until I would own this beauty.........I contacted them today and they said they did not have any left!!!! Then why was it up on your website! I feel cheated!!
  2. I once ordered something from Kitson, well I "thought" I ordered it, a few days later, I called them to ask when it was shipped, and they told me they didn't even have that item anymore. But it was still on their website....some of these places are lazy about their website and updating it......I know I never went back to Kitson for anything.

    Sorry this happened to you, I know it sucks!!!!
  3. Oh that sucks! I've had that happened to me, they charged my card, didn't ship the item b/c it was sold out, but NO ONE bothered to tell me anything, the worst part is that I didn't even remembered until 2 weeks later! agh!
  4. :tdown:
    I'm sorry to hear you're not getting the grenat box - it would have been so lovely!
  5. dont you just hate that?! that happened to me as well once but not with Bbags... I waited like 2 weeks but nothing arrived and so I called them... and they were like they dont get any new stock in til another 6 months so wont be able to ship to me until then... you'd think they'd have the brains to think to ring and tell me!
  6. sorry sweetie. i hate that...what a tease. they need to update their website.