boo more Sophies on ebay

  1. there used to be like 5-7 of them at one time now there are NONE left!!! :sad:

    now I just gotta wait a couple months when people decide they don't want it....but it's soo preety I don't it will happen....
  2. I wouldn't pay that price for one.
  3. umm....i wouldnt pay that price either........
  4. i am still madly in love w/sophie, but i refuse to pay such high mark up price!
  5.'s kinda high...but I don't think they'd ship to Canada either...
  6. I just saw two on eBay! I remember one was starting at 599.00.
  7. damn, the price hike is sooo discouraging! I like the Sophie, but for that price tag!
  8. You know what, if it was a US boutique release it would have been more expensive, since Hawaii always has lower prices than us. That's how I justified paying more. Plus, I love it sooo much and I don't see it on anyone else!!
  9. :yes:
  10. isn't LV charging 600 for the rivete pochette? i think the sophie has a lot more 'substance'... it's bigger, has 2 straps, same size or larger gold plate. i agree that if sophie were in the US it'd be in the 600 range or higher as well.
  11. But I doubt as high as over $600...the estimated price was around $440 :shrugs:
  12. I would pay over retail to get the Sophie, but I was lucky enough to get it from the Hawaii store for $400. Heck I paid 2K for my Graffiti Speedy, I think if you really want and can't wait, a 50% mark up isn't that bad. At least it's not a 100% or 200% markup.
  13. oh you guys are baaad...on my wallet, but great on my collection!! lol!
  14. Sophie is worth the x-tra! I seriously want to use it all the time!