Boo Hoo...used my PCE and left with nothing!

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  1. So I made my final purchases and not one thing was in stock!:crybaby: Not even a Fob! I spent ALOT of $ and left the store empty handed. I know I'll be excited to get my 3 bags, 2 scarves, 2 fobs and 4 accesories in the mail but just once during PCE I would actually like to come home with something! Anyone else have this problem?
  2. This always happens to me too! It's disappointing to leave empty handed and then go home and wait for Fedex. It is exciting when you come home and there's a box from coach on your porch though. What did you get, or do you want to keep it a secret until it all arrives? I'm waiting for my PCE purchase to arrive too.
  3. In the past I have typically walked out of the store empty-handed because everything had to be ordered, this time around I had to order a few things (small accessories), I was lucky for once that I didn't have to order the bag, but I do feel your pain I definitely know what its like! Your stuff will come faster than you know it! :biggrin:
  4. Kind of takes the fun out of the experience right? Don't worry, all that excitement will come rushing back when your packages arrive!
  5. I am waiting for 3 bags and 2 accessories..
  6. I'm waiting for one bag but I knew they wouldn't have it in stock. :nuts:
  7. I did this time. I was so excited to get a cranberry Mia Maggie and my store wasn't carrying them. My SA was super nice and gave me 2 day shipping without charging me, so it'll be here sooner. But it's hard waiting patiently for it to come
  8. I am getting fedex overnight on some items....I'll do a BIG reveal if I can figure out how to post pics....Im not to computer savvy!lol
  9. This has happened to me before. Because of TpF, I am in the know about bags that the SAs don't even know about and they have to be ordered because they are not due in stores yet.
  10. I did--in fact I am STILL waiting as one of my bags had to be exchanged! ANd I ordered the day before PCE started at a special customer event held by my store.....
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    I ordered 4 bags but left with 1, so it was nice not to leave empty handed...actually, make that 5 bags...forgot about one of them!!
  12. I bought 6 bags, 2 wallets and a cosmetic case. I only walked out with 1 bag, 1 wallet, and the cosmetic case. Everything else had to be ordered through JAX.
  13. I purchased 6 items and was only able to come home w/a universal case and a stack of receipts. Between backorders and items shipping from other stores, it will probably be another week and a half before I get everything.
  14. I got 3 bags and a buncha accessories and only got to walk out with one bag and a medium skinny! I'm SO excited waiting for my other bags, though! :nuts:
  15. I bought a bag today and the samething... had to be shipped, so now I am going to try and patiently wait for mr. fedex man.

    Hurry up and get here for all our sakes FEDex!!

    Can't wait for your reveal!!