Boo one has Plomb/Steel City in GGH

  1. I just got off the phone with Barney's in Dallas, NM in NJ and BalNY and they all said the same thing..."they only ordered it in Steel/Plomb City in SGH".:crybaby:No one ordered it in the GGH and if they did they were all sold out. Well, I guess it was too good to be true.....guess I'll hold out for another HG.:sad:
  2. Did you call Barney's Beverly Hills because they had one last week? They also had the Brief and the Work. What about Barney's Chicago? You need to call each one individually because they have different stock.
  3. Mmmm....Adrienne in Dallas said that none of the Barney's had them but maybe she was holding out on me. I'll try them right now! Thanks sweetie!:smile:
  4. just pm'ed you.
  5. PLOMB SGH?!?!?! i want that!! i gotta go to NM shorthills on sunday to see if they have the day!!!!!
  6. What about the plomb GGH brief? I can pm you where I saw it if you are interested.
  7. I've only seen plomb IRL in SGH. You could also try AW07 Black with GGH - it looks more plomb than black! Here's mine:
  8. Try Bal Paris!
  9. I think I saw one at Barneys in NYC today, I held it next to the black SGH and it looked alot lighter, so I think it was plomb.
  10. I think the brief might be a little too big for me but thank you!
  11. I saw a gorgeous plomb Work w the GGH on 9/11/07 at Barney's Seattle!