Boo Hoo! My Hobo Stam is Going Back!

  1. Before I bought my cashew Stam hobo, I put up a thread asking about MJ quality of their bags. Well, I can add my own bag to the list of "not so great." I happened to glance down at the bottom of the bag yesterday and the leather on two of the corners has already begun to wear away. Even though the hobos have the metal feet, the very ends of the bag still touch whatever surface you set it on. I'm super careful, but I don't exactly hang my bag every where I go.

    The good news is Saks is going to refund me in full, so now I have to find a big enough box to ship it in.

    I'm SO bummed!!! I canNOT believe that after barely one month's gentle use that a $1200 is already showing wear. I'm definitely not going for an even exchange even though I love this bag. I may just go with a Prada or a totally different designer. Or I may just cut my losses, get my money back and give up this nonsense. :shrugs:

    This has always been my biggest concern about getting into designer bags in this price range. I expect a LOT from $1200 worth of leather. This bag didn't deliver.:s
  2. Sorry you had trouble with the bag. I hope you don't give up MJ completely. I think that it's a coin toss about the quality of any bag. The reason I know (even though I haven't had any problems with any of my bags) is that people come into all of the forums talking about the issues that they have with one bag or another.

    So I hope that once you get over the disappointment from your hobo stam, you might try another bag.
  3. Which MJ bags do you have, elongreach? Don't you have the kisslock Stam? Any others?
  4. I have a regular stam, MP, Polina, and a large hobo.
  5. Agree, my Mouse Stam Hobo has the same issue too, the corner of the bag already shown wear in a week of use...I am glad Saks is willing to take it back for you.....I bought mine from Bloomies with a discount....but besides this I still in love with it, but just had to be super careful on it...cheers
  6. I'm sorry to read about your problems with the Hobo Stam. I had my own issues with the regular Stam earlier this summer, and like elongreach, I really do think that it is just the "bad luck" of the draw. I own several MJ pieces and have never encountered problems until I got the Stam. Don't be entirely discouraged. MJ makes really great bags that are usually worth their value.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that Prada! Well, at least you got to enjoy the bag for a little while. Hopefully you'll find something just as lovely with your refund.
  8. Oh no! I do hope that you find something else to replace it once you get your refund. Sorry it did not work out. Please keep us updated on your next purchase!
  9. Thanks everyone. I have a headache looking around for a replacement! I actually found a beautiful Michael Kors bag at Saks that looks reeeeally nice. I've not had problems with his bags before, but after this I'm SO gunshy.

    Michael Kors - Calf Pocket Satchel -[​IMG]
  10. I actually bought that bag in brown and cream on sale at Nordies this past June. I think it is a great bag. Definitely a really sturdy shoulder bag.
  11. Really? Cool! The description says "metallic leather lining". Is that what you have? If so, what color and is it BRIGHT metallic?

    Oh, does it have the little metal feet on the bottom?
  12. I have not had alot a problems but I have noticed little things like a line of stiching not being straight and a metal push button on my stella is higher on one side than the other and it hits the stiching. I wonder sometimes why I buy the higher end when my Coach is cheaper and has less flaws. Or it could be I'm not as picky with other bags that cost less. I don't inspect them or stare at them as much...I don't know, just a tad bit disappointed in 2 of my MJ's but the other 3 are MbyMJ Teri is wonderful too. I guess maybe you just get a lemon with cars.
  13. Prada Psycho I'm so sorry to hear that, I know how much you loved that Stam Hobo! I agree that at this price point we at least expect the bag to hold up and age (reasonably) well. At least you can get a refund. I look forward to seeing what you get in its place (we'd all be disappointed if you "gave up"!) :yes: