Boo Hoo my Betty came from Mi Place and it's the wrong bag

  1. I wanted the sm/med betty satchel and was so excited when they said it was 70% off. Well it came today and in fact it's the tote. Much thinner and taller. NO likey!:Push:
  2. Oh no! That's one of the things I hate about ordering over the phone and not seeing the product. Mistakes like that have happened to me before, but luckily I was able to return. Sorry that happened to you.
  3. I'm sorry this happended to you. I had that happen to me when I ordered a bag w/ NM. I was able to return though. Where is Mi Place? I keep hearing about it.
  4. oh no, that sucks. That is the danger of buying over the phone I guess. Sorry for you though, but did you get the paddy too? that will help you feel better ! ;)
  5. no paddy but they were so nice about it and although it was final sale they are letting me return it for a refund.
  6. That's disappointing for you I'm sure. But at leat they are going to allow you to return it for a full refund. Sorry to hear it was the wrong bag, but I'm sure the 'right' bag is out there somewhere for you!
  7. awww i hope you get your dream bag soon, the betty has really grown on me recently and is gorgeous!
  8. Would you believe I caved and bought the betty I wanted at FULL PRICE (Neimans) and when I got home I noticed the lock was broken and 2 screws were missing. All that for a mere $1800. Needless to say I marched right back this morning and returned it.
  9. /\/\ I didnt realize the Betty has a lock too? DO you mean the Paddy or am I missing something w/ the betty?
  10. The betty satchel (not the tote) has a gold metal lock closure attached to the main zipper pull. See photo. See the 3 screws? 2 of them were missing from the bag purchased at NM so that metal part was just hangining on by 1 screw.
    I even called Chloe to see if they could repair and it they told me to return it they do not repair unless you purchase from them. NM said they could repair but the screws may not be the same and it will take 8-10 weeks. Ok like I would pick that option. NOT
  11. fyi...the lock is only for the styles with the gold rings (spring and fall i guess), the summer bags without rings don't have it

    eta...z&j...did you exchange it or are you done with betty?
  12. I returned it to NM yesterday ( I even paid full price!) I ordered another one again full price and I'll decide when it arrives. My sister is taking my large one that I just photographed.
  13. Sorry that happened to you. I bought a chanel sale bag over the phone and it was nothing like the SA mentioned it to be. So I know how you're feeling right now.