BOO HOO - Got the Gauffre but it's Damaged

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  1. So, I got the Gauffre tote today, but it's damaged - there's a tiny cut/peel on the bottom of the bag, and I'm way too anal about my bags to deal with it. BOO HOO! It's so fabulous too. Guess I'll just have to keep hunting!

    Here are some pics before I packed it up to be returned. Click on the thumbnails if you want to enlarge.


  2. WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
    ITS DAMAGED?Show me a pic!!LOL..I LOVE this bag to death!!!!Is it that bad..Maybe Bluefly will discount it more for ya if u keep it?
  3. ^I already packed it back up, lol. It was a small 1/8" tear/peel in the bottom of the bag. When I called Bluefly to ***** about it, they didn't even offer an additional discount. Which is too bad, because this is really a great size!
  4. wow.That sucks..I love it!!!!!!
  5. Oh man!! That's awful!! And you were so excited about this bag!!! So sorry.....I don't balame you..I would have done the same thing..back in the box and back she goes!!!!!
  6. It looks so great on you!!!
  7. Awww-how disappointing!!! :sad:
    I completely understand why you would return it--I would do that too. After all that excitement and anticipation, it has to be perfect!

    I hope you are able to find another one!
  8. So sorry - what a disappointment! My blue nylon is going back as well...I just didn't love it enough to keep it - different circumstances, I know.

    Keep searching!
  9. ^^ Blue nylon... I will definitely be checking bluefly for it's return! But I agree if you don't love it, it is not for you!
  10. oh no...
    but it sure looks stunning in your pics :smile: