Boo Hoo--goodbye onatah suede

  1. Well, just dropped off an ontah suede gm at a consignment shop to sell. I need the money to fund a Chanel (Gasp!! yes Chanel, sorry). I figure each winter the suede will just get in worse condition so why not let it go now. I'm down to only 4 Lvs but I love them all.

    And yes, I'm moving on to Chanel but there is no doubt I still love LV!
  2. Chanel (gasp!!!!) lol
    Best of luck with the consignment shop
  3. Very sad to see an onatah go. It's a great bag:crybaby:
  4. Chanel is wonderful, but I think you made a good choice with the onatah. Suede is such a difficult material. I've vowed never to carry another suede bag again.

    You'll find LV bag love again. What Chanel are you thinking of?
  5. Noooo... :sad:

    But if it was for the best, then...

    What color was the Onatah?
  6. sad....but I understand where you're coming from. I'm HORRIBLE with suede!
  7. Suede is hard to take care of, especially in a bag. Good luck with your sale!
  8. John 5, the color was dark brown. It was a beautiful bag but I noticed this year it is starting to wear a bit (and I was careful with it). I loved it with suede boots--boo-hoo. On the upside, I got a damier ebene in October that I now wear with the boots.

    So my friends, still lovin LV but saving up for that black classic Chanel.
  9. Good for you! Buy what you love.