Boo Hoo Boo Hoo - No Epi Speedy 30 In Grenade..."-(

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  1. I don't know what I was thinking. I thought that the Epi Speedy was coming out in Grenade in a SIZE 30. But alas, I got onto LV Live Chat this morning and I confirmed with them that the Epi Speedy in Grenade will only come in a SIZE 25.......booo hoooo.....that's too small for me!!!! :crybaby:
    And to add insult to injury, no new colors are going to be introduced to the Petite Noes in the future......I was at least hoping to snag a Grenade in a Petite Noe if they didn't do the Speedy 30.....but nooo......:sad:

    Just a boo hoo day for me......
  2. That is too bad! I am not a big fan of the 25 either. A speedy 30 in grenade would have been hot!
  3. Thats too bad! I don't see why they wouldn't make it in the 30 since they are already making it in the 25.
  4. I know! And I was trying to convince myself that an epi speedy 25 would work just because I'm so desperate for the color...but I've read too much about how the Epi 25 zippers......bite.......:wtf:
  5. I'm so sorry about the speedy 30; but I am THRILLED it is coming in 25! That's my preferred size so I am happy about that.
    Totally bummed about the petite noe; I would have loved to add that to my collection in either cassis or grenade.......what gives?!
  6. I'm with you on this...I would love a bag in Grenade...not crazy about the alma and the 25 is too small for me...just have to wait..
  7. Oh darn! I'd love an Epi Grenade in a Speedy 30, too.
  8. If you can I would still take a look at the 25 they are a little bigger in epi so it may still work for you.

    I'm sad about the petite Noe I really wanted that in Grenade

  9. Is it confirmed that they are coming with epi cassis or grenade? I have asked 2 different SAs and they both said they are not coming out?
  10. I spoke to LV live chat directly.....
  11. Thanks! I hate when the SA doesn't know anything! or try not to give information so you buy something else!!