boo hoo 01 fbf and I missed out

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  1. I have NO luck. I finally stumble across an 01 fbf on eBay of course #1 have no funds to buy it and #2 it sold within a few minutes of listing. HOW am I ever going to snag one of these? Just looking for some reassurance here LOL :p That is my *dream* bag...will I ever find it?!?!?!? :rolleyes:
  2. hey im the one that bought this. it was random luck. i just went on eBay and there it was. of course i had to snatch it. im sure there will be more popping up. ive been looking for this for a year now.
  3. oh that's wonderful!!! Congrats on your fabulous find. I'm glad another tpf member got it!!!!!
  4. You will find it in time!!! Good things come to those who wait!!! I know this won't make you feel any better but I'm trying!!!!:heart:
  5. i saw a 02 FBF that lovelygarments is selling online if anyones interested. we all know that that is authentic forsure. i can't believe she is selling that from her fab collection.
  6. aw you are so sweet, thank you!!! ;)

  7. Just an FYI...

    from "Important Reminder - PLEASE READ":**

    **I assume that even though the "Important Reminder" is a shopping subforum message, it still applies in the main forum as well...
  8. ^^^ That is correct fiaxflux :yes:
  9. Yes...I'm going to move this to the shopping section...
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