Boo Hiss Boo Katie Couric!!

  1. I was watching her on the Today show last night and she was interviewing a 19 year old Indian American girl who had written a book..and she was ridiculously rude and aggressive towards that girl!! I now have a very low opinion of Katie Couric and I will definatley not watch her anymore!:mad:
  2. What happened? I don't follow Today show, so I don't know much about it. What did Katie Couric say?
  3. What did Katie say? She's usually really nice but maybe she's was in a bad mood :worried:
  4. She was interviewing a girl who plagerized. The girl is a sophomore at Harvard who got 500,000 dollar book deal, then COPIED. There are at least 40 word for word paragraphs.
  5. I don't usually watch the today show, but since I'm recovering from reconstructive knee surgery I've got some time on my hands:smile:, so I saw it and I don't know the entire background story, but Katie was very rude to the girl. But, like I said I don't know if the girl was deserving of the rudeness or not. Katie's usually not so abrassive.
  6. THey're calling this girls the next James Frey... Oprah was rude to him too! And with good reason...
  7. I personally don't think Katie has a way w/ words, if you know what I mean.
    I'm aghast about 1/2 the time I watch the Today Show!
  8. I saw her on the beach on Nantucket a few summers ago and she was so rude to her nanny it really pissed me off. She was sitting near us and I got up and moved....I just did not want to hear her anymore!!! I did not see the interview! Darn! (I loved the book million little pieces...too bad ol James did not just say it was was a great story...real or not)
  9. My god-father's car service used to pick her up to drive her to the Today show. All the drivers said she was the BIGGEST B*TCH EVER!
  10. She may self-destruct on the Evening News!
  11. No way! James Frey didn't deserve what Oprah did to him, and mostly she just wanted to talk about herself the entire time because she was "embarassed" about what she said on Larry King. She said the word "I" over a hundred times. That's the exact moment I began to dislike her.
  12. That was on this morning in the US and I didn't think she was rude, just direct in asking the questions that she thought people would want to know. Ie. since some of the phrases in your book were almost word for word, what do you have to say to some who think you plagerized? (sp?) ..............That was an answer I wanted to know myself. No offense to the girl but some of the things she wrote were almost word for word of the other author.
  13. Oprah was pretty pissed off b/c she had endorsed him, so I agree with you Sanguar, she did have good reason.
  14. Yeahh!....Frey just sat there with his mom (didn't say a word), letting Oprah make a fool of herself by endorsing this book as non-fiction on national TV! Oprah is all about truth and doing the honorable thing....I think she was deeply hurt and ashamed to have felt like she lied to her fans. I'd be MORE than rude!
  15. Yes, I agree.