Boo barneys new york

  1. I ordered the Arena City in the Dark Night from BNY website. I ordered it Priority Shipping. It was supposed to take one day to ship, but took three, but ok, I received it anyway earlier than they said I would (today) and I was so exited!

    And guess what?

    THE EFFING MIRROR IS MISSING!!:mad::rant::censor:

    Gee, does anyone think to actually check the merchandise before it ships out?

    Not a cheap item either, right?

    I called customer service, they will contact distribution and say they will send me a mirror.

    Yeah I hope. Probably in the wrong color! JEEEZ!

    Thanks for reading my rant, and be careful when ordering from that stupid place.
  2. That is really annoying, when you're paying that much money, you'd like to think nothing would be missing :rolleyes: good luck
  3. Yeah I never order online I always call my SA I work with or email him and he makes sure everything is perfect. I'm loving the beach bag they made this season.
  4. Well I called Customer Service the next day to complain that the mirror was missing, then got it Fedex overnighted. Wonder what the story was, if the mirror had come off and they found it or took it from another bag? It is the right color and all is well now, but, JEEZ!:rolleyes:
  5. Hi, it's now difficult to find "GSH envelope in black color", two weeks ago, I find in BNY website, I'm so exciting and bought it, but I received is not the GSH (giant 21), it is the giant 12 (2012 new style small studs) !! I'm so angry, I email them and they refund to me, but spent my shipping fee $50, I just wondering why they shown the picture on the website is giant 21, but acutally is giant 12, now they also post the giant 21's picture, but the description change to "giant 12", so, please beware !!
  6. omg...that's terrible. thanks for telling me...i was going to order from them, but now i think i will just go into the store just to make sure.
  7. The only place that I even remotely consider ordering from is the Balenciaga boutiques (only Las Vegas or NYC) -or- from Erica. I've had too many issues with other places; it's just not worth the hassle! Sorry to hear about this .. it is INEXCUSABLE .. PERIOD!!
  8. I found my beloved black Velo with perfectly smooth leather that I love, ordering from Barneys online. HOWEVER, I have returned a handful of bags that came with leather I didn't love, and I have to say the gals at the service counter didn't even look twice at what was returned. I have no doubt that people can use and abuse these bags and then return them without question, which explains why so many of them are sent back out or put out on the floor in such bad shape. I once saw a white/cream colored covered Bal there that looked like it had been dragged all over the streets of NYC...:wtf::wtf::wtf:
  9. I ordered a City from them (Barneys) and it had crumpled up tissues and brush hairs and an old lipstick in it. Gross. And, of course, when I tried to exchange it they didn't have any more in that color.
  10. ^^ OMG .. this is appalling!!! I will never order a bag from Barneys based on the comments in this thread.
  11. I ordered a Sissi Rossi bag from Barneys a few months ago and it come with receipts, bank deposit slips, and someone's used earphones in it!!

    Crazy - Crazy!! :woot::nuts:
  12. Just wow... Did you all order online? Or was this at a particular store?
  13. I will tell you - I buy from Barney's all the time but whenever I've ordered bal from online.. it feels like some sort of old off-stock or returned items or just plain crap.. i have no idea. but the anthra velo I got online was AWFUL. dry, thin leather.. looked like it was already beat up.. just lifeless and dull and even had weird scuff marks on it. I WAS LIKE OK. took it right back, thankfully their customer service in NYC is great. and just exchanged for a lovely same bag, which they happened to have one of even though the SA thought they had none, which is why I ever ordered online. and my new one is delicious!
  14. Sorry, it is old post... but they sent you another mirror, right