1. They are in's list of Hollywood's 10 most generous entertainers. Those celebs donating a collective $58 million over the last two years to respective causes, most notably disaster relief in the wake of the devastating Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.The celebs are:
    1. oprah Winfrey
    2. Steven Spielberg
    3. Angelina Jolie
    4. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    5. Celine Dion
    6. Sandra Bullock
    7. Paul & Heather McCartney
    8. Nicolas Cage
    9. Jackie Chan
    10. Bono
    They really are Noble celebs!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. Very cool. What in the world is Jackie Chan wearing (lol)?
  3. They are very noble celebs. I'm not at all surprised Oprah is on top of the list. She's one generous lady.
  4. wow.with all the money thy gain, they can help a lot of people;if you do that, that's a really good thing!
    and abandoned, i was wondering the same thing....:shocked:
  5. Wow...didn't know Sandra and Nicholas and Jackie were big donators?! Now I like them even more. BTW, I think Jackie Chan is wearing one of his own designer outfits...he was on Jay Leno, explaining his designs and they're top sellers in Asia?!
  6. I :heart: Bono. I think Sandra is wonderful, too.
  7. i adore bono. and i want to remember that donating money is important, but a person like bono goes around the world speaking to politicians, he has made very good things happen...he is amazing!
  8. What jackie chan is wearing is a traditonal chinese suit. I prefer if the fabric is plain & simple.

    I love Oprah. She's my inspiration......
  9. I'm half Chinese, I should probably have known that, but I'm clueless as to what a traditional Chinese suit should look like :shame:
  10. :yes::yes::yes::heart::heart::heart:
  11. What about Jolie, she gets no credit for being #3? Come on there has got to be one team jolie here?!?!
  12. oprah is sooo generous. she amazes me sometimes. normally we would assume that someone who has billions of dollars would be stingy about it, but shes the exact opposite. I hope she NEVER goes off the air, i love love love her show. someone tape tommorrows show and today and send it to me :biggrin:
  13. It was the traditional Chinese garb in the early 20th century. But I really don't think it looks flattering on him.

    But I adore all of those celebs! Great for giving back.
  14. Not on any team, but magazines said Angelina Jolie donates 1/3 of her income! That's incredible!!!!
  15. not only that, but she donates so much time traveling to little villages in pakistan and africa..which other celeb went to pakistan when the quake hit and spent her money and TIME to help people she has no obligation in helping. I respect her so much. Shes not only gorgeous, but her heart is beautiful aswell. Im very happy for her and her family with brad. She deserves so much for helping so many people.