Bonnie 'Lady Bag'

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  1. These two threads have already been started about this bag, but I have a little more info:

    13387, Legacy Stripe, $458. Bag is made of linen.

    13385, Leather, $458. CS couldn't tell me the colors of leather available.

    Bag is available to order now, but won't be available to ship until mid February. Will be in stores in April (?).

    I am really excited about this bag. I should have asked the dimensions.
  2. Any info on the python one?
  3. Python is $3500, and there's also another bag for $4500.

    Dimensions for leather and linen are the same (4.33" x 7.85" x 9.17"). Too small..bummer! :tdown:

    Right now only SV/BK is showing up as the color for the leather versoin.
  4. Wow! That is really small! Thats the size of a going out bag! Its cute though!
  5. ^^I asked if they had sizes/prices in between, and she was not able to find anything. I just can't do anything that small at that price! Maybe when it shows up at the outlet like the Aubrey! You're right...great going out size bag, but I still prefer my Bridgits for that!

    Maybe they will introduce more sizes and styles later on. Otherwise, I think I will be stuck to buying older bags and other brands for a while! I'm not liking all these really small bags as of late with no options to get them in a larger, while still affordable, size!
  6. ITA with you baglady! The bags I've pictured below are the one's I'm loving right now...neither are Coach!!! I am loving the bags in my avatar though!

    Attached Files:

  7. Couldn't get the Michael Kors to upload!!!
  8. The pink one pictured...what is it? Beautiful!
  9. Well, that's completely disappointed if the Lady Bag is that small. I guess I won't be getting it afterall than.
  10. ^^ Let's hope for larger bags to be introduced at some point! They are really cute. I LOVE the styles!
  11. Too bad Coach doesn't realize that a "Lady" likes to carry more than lipstick and Tic Tacs in her "Bag"
  12. I def need a larger bag than these styles...but I love them!!!
  13. Oh, thanks so much for the info!! I'm so glad we now have style #'s. I'll definitely keep my eyes open at work and try to garner some more information for us as soon as its available. They do seem rather small, especially for the price. I was really hoping they would be about the same size as the small Sabrina *sigh*. Well, I guess I'll just have to wait to make my final judgment until I see it in person.
  14. Has anyone ordered and/or seen this bag IRL? Does anyone have a drilldown pic of the bag?