Bonnie- disappointed


Oct 5, 2007
I went in to my boutique to see the Bonnie foldover cross body. I was so bummed that the small (which I wanted and would have bought) does not allow you to remove the cross body strap. I would never wear it crossbody, I'd hand carry it. On the larger model you remove the strap ! Geez what a little bit of extra it would have taken Coach to put the removeable dog leash style hardware on the small to give the customer the choice to remove or not. I would have bought the bag but just for thsi reason I left it on the shelf. No other style bags even tempted me and they sure do not have a good color assortment offered on the other bags currently out.

1 for fun

Sep 25, 2008
I'm disappointed with the Bonnie line in general. The only one I can see being really popular is the foldover cross body - and it's sad that they don't offer the same amenities on both the large and the small.

This may just be me, but if I want a canvas tote I'm probably going to get something at walmart that I can paint or ruin without feeling bad - when I shop Coach I want quality leather and handbags. I also REALLY don't like the pockets on the outside of the canvas tote - or the change purses on the outside of most of the bags!

Maybe I just need to head into the boutiques and see them up close and personal.

I'm sorry it seemed that you had your heart set on that bag and found yourself a dealbreaker - I hate it when that happens.


Jan 2, 2009
I was just at Macy's this afternoon and I saw the Bonnie wristlets IRL for the first time. I was a tad disappointed in the quality of the canvas and the stitching on the back around the kisslock bit.


Get Yer Ya Ya's Out!
Nov 8, 2008
I'm not thrilled with the canvas bags either, but then some people love them! I agree...I'd probably buy a cheapie bag at Walmart before shelling out big bucks for the Bonnie. I do love the coin purses though!


LOVE pink!
Jul 12, 2008
I saw that too. I think I'm still going to get the pink one... I was debating on figuring out how to remove the strap and then maybe get a cheap dogleash clip that maybe I could use it to attach it if I wanted the strap.

That, of course, would be way over my head and who knows if I could do it, lol.