Bonnie and website measurements

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  1. I received my new Bonnie yesterday. It looks lovely :biggrin:

    It looked smaller than I expected so I measeured it. The website measurements are (again) incorrect.

    Bonnie is 26 cm wide and 20 cm tall (not 33 X 22). I wonder how Mulberry takes their measurements and why they seem to be so often incorrcect:nogood:
  2. Congratulations, it looks lovely on Mulberry site. Very astonishing that they can't put the measurements right. Glad that you are happy with her. Will there be a reveal tonight ?! Looking very much forward to pics !
  3. This is really bad. Have you complained? I think that you should because Mulberry is deceiving its customers left right and centre by claiming their bags are bigger than they really are.
  4. Congratulations! Bonnie is a beautiful bag!
    Yes, would love to see pics too! Preferably modelling pics to get an idea of proportion on that bag!
  5. I will take some pictures later today and post them.
  6. Congrats, a beautiful bag! Hope to see some reveal and modelling pics;)
  7. Whatever excuse there may be for not measuring a slouchy bag correctly - the Bonnie is a nice structured bag, so the measurements really should be correct.
    Congrats on your new bag btw. Which colour did you go for? Were you disappointed by the size or do you love it anyway?
  8. congrats sitrus, i think the bonnie looks lovely.
    I would really love to see a modelling pic as i haven't seen this IRL yet :biggrin:
  9. Ditto this :biggrin:
  10. Ohhh how exciting! Cannot wait to see photographs of her, I think the Bonnie looks really beautiful. :popcorn: I am not moving until I get a glimpse of this beauty! :nogood:

    This measurement malarky is such a pain, how difficult can it be to know the correct dimensions of your own product, seriously?!
  11. It is indeed a pain! isn't there a law about it - the trades descriptions act??
  12. Sorry for the delay but I had some technical problems.

    I have used Bonnie one day and here comes small review:

    Very light when empty and light after been filled with make up purse, long continental wallet, mobile and small foldable shopper. In addition to these bag is not stuffed and even small folable umbrella could fit in. Strap has another 20 cm to make it longer and is very comfy.

    I really like Bonnie and I intend to keep it :yahoo: (although the measuremts were not quite what should have been).

    I added some pics from inside the bag (empty and stuffed) and outer pics.
    Modelling pic is in modelling thread.

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  13. Lovely bag Sitrus. Seen this bag IRL today and I had expected it to be bigger. Your thread has explained this!!!
  14. oooh Bonnie is Bonnie!!! :biggrin: Looks so lovely and soft.

    I think that Mulberry need to sort this out tho, how hard is it to get somebody to measure bags properly!!!
  15. Maybe they have changed the description because the measurements are correct now.