Bonney Sneaks

  1. Does anyone have these or know anyone who does? My dear daughter is dying for a pair for Christmas... I called the 800# and they are sold out until Jan. :crybaby:

    My question well do they wear? She's 11 so she'll give them a work out for sure. She's not going to be able to get them at Christmas but maybe as a surprise late gift .... hehe
  2. They have some at Nordstrom's...I would check there...
    Coach sneakers wear for a LONG time.

  3. OMG!!!!!! :wtf: They do?? You are my SAVIOUR!!! hahaha
  4. Those are cute! I saw them at Macy's and Nordstrom. Try Lord & Taylor too.
  5. Yep, saw them at Macy's last week.
  6. My local Macy's also carries these Coach sneakers. They remind me of the black Converse high tops that I used to wear in 6th grade.
  7. Well I guess I need to hit Macy's this weekend!!! Thanks, all!
  8. ye steh tattersall will be back in january sorry but L&T an dmacys ahve such a great selection of other bonney style sneaker i pickedup teh signature black ones where teh "c's are visible with legcay stripe interior .. i luv them and they r a must funny how u poste this threda i posted a thread about them in pat few days about how other where them and such .. i find in ordre to where them with flap out either have o have a skinny pany or just have a wide leg sort or pant and where them over the flaps....
  9. Where can I find those? I can not find them annywhere I check Nordstrem but they did not have them on their website. I did find them on eBay but they were $115 and they were used. So please help me find them for not under $100.
  10. Do you think that I may not beable to find them, because they came out last year?
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    Please help!!! I like the brown, black, or pink!