Bonney sneakers ( does any 1 esle have them and how do u wear them)

  1. over the weekend macys had a freinds and family 20 % so i picked up the bonney signature black ( where the "c' r visible) with legcay strip interior and i say they had a new bonney sneaker with the chocalte brown "c's wher they r not so visible and a fur like interior with the 'c's sticthe din white super cute i will be heading back to get them but thsi time at lord and taylro for they r having a 20 % off card this week but i also wanted to let every one know that the booney sneaker with tattersal lining will return in January ... i just am so in love with coach shoes they can be worn to so many plces but have that sophisticated edge ... now i wear my bonney sneakers with the flap up under my shoes but since it snowed lightly i put them up over my pant to keep them from getting wet and such and i have foudn they have become an unepected "boot" for me how do you all wear them ?
  2. I wonder this too! I want the Bonney sneaks in black sig with the Ocelot print inside, but like its hard to make the inside show since Im a guy without itlooking tacky! So I wanna know how girls wear it, and see If I can get a male version of it.
  3. i wanna see pictures of these...
  4. well i find that you have to have a skinny pair of pants to wear them to tuck them in like so i have ot wera my skinny jeans but other than that i would say wear teh flaps down and have like a wide leg jean sort of and when you sit and such the flahs of color will show but hmm i suggest the signature black with the lepoard like print inside or possible the ones with the fabric fur like interior with "c'c print i honestly have fell in love with them sorry abou late reply final exam week !!!!