Bonjour, my souvenirs from Paris

  1. Wohoo I’m back from rainy Paris! The city is so beautiful, the shopping unbelievable! I fell in love. And Laduree macaroons, heaven! And of course it was raining the whole 3 days, bummer. Enough chit chat, let's talk H;) Every day I saw at least 4 Kellys around the town, all in different stages of being lovingly used. A few Birkins here and there, but Kelly is definitely more popular with the chic ladies there.

    Walking in to the store for the first time was an eye opener. Bags everywhere!:nuts: I was stunned for a minute. Cabinets from floor to ceiling filled with glorious colours and all the styles. Predominant colours were orange and blue jean, one cabinet filled with vert anis, the other rouge hermes. There were amazing number of SAs swarming around, waiting to be of assistance. I love this kind of customer service: an eye contact is a mark for asking 'Bonjour madame, may i help you'.

    First thing I asked one of them about a Birkin, flat out, and she didin't blink an eye, checked the computer and said 'I'm sorry, only one with diamonds'.

    I then headed upstairs to get the small stuff I needed. The SA was probably new, but very helpful. But to my shock, Karo is discontinued! He even asked another SA. I'm so shocked! They rambled about lack of good leather for these small accessories, my understanding was that it really is discontinued, not only temporarily out of stock :sad:

    Then I asked about BeBop in orange, there was none. 'What about rose shocking', I daredevilishly ask. The were no BeBops in orange or rose shocking, but they had no trouble of suggesting that they reserve one for me when they get some and then ship it to me. They had it only in parchemin, blue jean and gold. The poor guy had to run to the storage at least 5 times before I had the wanted items in front of me: a refill for my agenda, a Carmencita and a little something for a friend.
    orange bags.jpg carmencita.jpg
  2. Then I headed downstairs again and to the scarf counter. I had decided I must get ONLY one scarf, but what can you do :angel: I asked for scarves in red, they had Vif Argent in all red, so I couldn't help myself. 'Let's throw in the red pointu as well', came out of my mouth. 'Oui, madame' was of course the answer. Then something caught my eye in a pile of scarves oh so decadently splashed all over the counter. Oh, a red Projets carre... I'm in love. Let's get a bottle of Kelly Caleche, too, while we're at it:wlae:

    I went in again in the evening and was greeted by a young, dark male SA. 'Would I have any luck with the Birkin today', I inquired. He checked and said 'And what size would you prefer'. Ooh the anticipation... There were 3 Birkins sized 30, orange, parchemin and gold/toile. 'Thank you, but none of them are my colours', I managed to sigh. He apologised and suggested I come again tomorrow. Couldn't say aloud that that's my sole intention.
    vif argant.jpg pointu.jpg projets carre.jpg
  3. So there I was on Friday morning. Again I asked straight away about a Birkin and SA checked the computer, 'We have potiron, parchemin and gold/toile and in 35 black ostrich'. Undefeatedly I then asked about available colours for Bolide and Picotin. Lindys were everywhere in every colour, so that was a safe bet, if I wouldn't get a Birkin. It looked perfect in rouge H :heart: When trying Lindy on, the bigger size felt uncomfortably bulky, so I would have bought the smaller one, it looked and felt the right size for me. Mou Bolide 37 was available in gold, raisin, vert olive, etoupe, parchmein, BJ, cafe (maybe other colours too, but can't remember). Picotin GM in cafe, etoupe, parchmein, BJ and orange. I thanked her and wished her a pleasant day and said that I'll be back in the evening.

    During the day I pondered about all the possibilities and decided on a perfect pair of bags. I felt happy with the decicion, so I did some shoe shopping, got a simple pair of black Louboutin pumps and the most comfortable flats from Chanel.
  4. Bonjour !!
    I'm glad you had a great trip here (sorry for the rain ;) ),...and such a nice Experience at FSH !!!
    Congrats on your new H goodies !!! I :love: the "Projet carré" :drool: !!
  5. Again on Friday evening I greet the bouncers at the H door. I wonder whether they remember the every day lurkers ;) I spot the same SA that helped me in the morning, she's with a stylish lady trying out a Evelyne in cafe, but greets me with a smile. When they have finished, she comes to me, 'Hello', she says. 'Hello again, I'm still hoping to get lucky with my quest for Birkin', I reply and smile back. She goes to the computer, 'Yes we have only the same ones as in the morning', she says and I'm ready to list my next options. 'Oh, wait...', she continues and my heart starts to beat a bit faster. 'What did you say about the colours you preferred, I might have one in XXX'. :shocked: 'Yes, I would love to see it', I manage to whisper. Not my first choice, but a perfect classic that I would cherish forever. Off she goes...

    I have a minute to gather my senses and see a casually chic French woman on my right with a parchemin Kelly, maybe 28. A beautiful Asian girl comes in with a rouge H Birkin 35 and a bit later she is pondering the potiron Birkin 30. Anyone from tPF?:smile:

    And then my SA returns with a big box :girlsigh: She openes it and it's love at the first sight. I try it on, size is perfect, the colour matches my shoes (the most important factor when bag shopping :p) and I turn to the SA and say, 'It's mine'. The french lady asks if she could try it on for size comparison and of course it's ok. Then her SA returns and OMG what comes out, a red Birkin 35. It's divine and I have to ask about the colour, it's rouge VIF in fjord. Perfection! So lush, so sexy, so saturated! :heart:

    I walk out of the store with a silly smile on my face. Pictures coming later, I got it shipped to me and this waiting is killing me. I'm still stunned...
  6. Wow! Congrats! Now this is my kind of vacation!!
  7. beautiful items and aahhhhh slutty rouge vif congrats i bet it is drop dead gorgeous
  8. And a Birkin ????
    Cant wait to see it !!!!!!!
    Pics Pics Pics ...s'il vous plait ;)
  9. fromparis, I :heart: FSH, everyone was so polite and wanted me to have everything I asked for, even though not everything was available. I felt really special. And actually I had the same feeling in every shop, quite different compared to, let's say Rome :smile: I'm definitely coming back to Paris! Maybe next February to order a red Birkin ;)
    Julide, I travel for one purpose only, to shop:yahoo:but can't tell that to anyone else but you guys here ;)
    lilach, yes it was drop dead gorgeous, I'll have trouble when ordering my red one, too many choices :yes:

    I saw many Kellys sold during those 3 days that I visited the shop. One time when I was waiting to be served, a verrrrry stylish french lady came in, was greeted warmly by a male SA and I was able to detect the word Kelly from their conversation. Within minutes of the conversation, SA whipped out a leather book from under the counter and they compared croc colours. Wow... My SA didn't show the book to me, even though we discussed diffrences in hues of red in different leathers. Well, maybe next time :yes:

    Pics coming the minute I get my precious, oh I can't wait:heart:
  10. Congratulations! Love your scarves and can't wait for the pics of your bag!
  11. Congrats, how exciting. Can't wait to see the bag!!
  12. I'm so glad to hear there's no problem getting a birkin in Paris even in December! Congratulations!
  13. What an entertaining story, I'm looking forward to your reveal! So exciting!
  14. Wow, fantastic loot from Paris! Never mind the weather, you did a good job! :yes:
  15. congratulations! great story, can't wait to see your bag.