Bonjour! My day at the Mothership (super long sorry)

  1. As promised here is my report from the mothership.

    The store is amazing imagine EVERYTHING from Le catalogue laid out in front of you in evey colour!

    The store was pretty busy and there were staff everywere I tried but I wasn't able to get pics I got totally busted so I behaved so I wasn't kicked out LOL

    The ground floor is bags, small leather goods & fine jewellery, second floor womens wear, third floor mens wear the exhibition floor was closed as they are between exhibits.

    They had trunks in every size and all sorts of materials, white MC, black MC, Epi leather and on and on.

    All the SA's kept saying how beautiful my miroir lockit was and how rare is was this is what I heard all day so those who wondered how rare they are the answer is VERY VERY.

    There were glass cases with all sorts of exotic's alligator, lizard etc etc there were small travel jewellery cases , credit card cases a STUNNING pink alligator long purse so many things the absolute most stunning piece in the whole store was a Papillion 30 (with mini pap) in bright turquoise ostrich skin usually I don't like ostrich but this was :drool::drool::drool: if I'd had the money on me it would have come home it was AMAZING!!

    (Bf said the pap must be really expensive because the pencil case is over 5000 Euro's :lol: bless him, I had to explain that it was the baby pap that comes with the big pap)

    Jewelery I think there was every piece (not the twilight watch which I adore) they even had that HUGE ring that Christina Ricci worn in the old ad campaign

    when we went up to the womens wear floor one of the SA's was chatting (again about my bag and BF's millionaires) the offered us some champagne (which of course we accepted) he sat us down in this circular room full of trunks and long spikes from the roof an Sa explained that the artist wanted to capture what a waterfall would look like if you could stop/freeze it, it's a stunning effect.

    there is so much attention to detail in this store the carpets have fleur patterns on them, the parquet flooring has damier paterns the esculator going upstairs is like a dark black tunnel in the fleur & diamond pattern. beautiful everyone really must visit when they can.

    the SA's are incredible friendly & helpful they even brought out another glass of champagne while they were ringing up the sale.

    the store had the Mink MC bags from last fall the I thought the bum bag was big but the messenger was like a sleeping bag it was so big LOL!

    Av Montaigne store.

    A much quieter store also super friendly and with loads of ltd edt's they had the cream polka dots bag a really huge one much bigger than the bowly it was crazy they also had the mini normande lockit (gorgeous) AND they had the 33 Marylins in the trunk it's beautiful one of the SA's said there has only been 3 made this one which is for the whole of europe one in north america and one in asian

    so many things to see!!

    so want to know what came home??
  2. I asked about the Miarge (which they still called Degrade) she got on the phone to someone asked where I came from (I should have said London I'm stupid) after a little discussion they said they weren't released yet I said that US is selling the speedy it released on 10th she just said they have different release dates (come on you're PARIS!!) so they wouldn't let me have it (or indeed see it :tdown:)
  3. Congrats! It sounded heavenly! Now show us the stuff! :okay:
  4. Ohhh I would love to go there!!!
  5. Great report...everything sounds so wonderful! Can't wait to see what you bought!
  6. I asked if they had any perfo things left but they said it was all gone ( I do think there was a bit of a language barrier between me & the SA I asked sadly I speak no french)
    I wanted a Mandarin Epi noe but no that was gone too they showed me another mandarin epi bag (which was the last bag in that colour) but I wasn't impressed with it.

    I tried the Azur noe I liked it but decided not to go for it.

    So from the Champs Elysees store I got *drumroll please*.........
  7. these are my birthday pressies

    the new playing cards (they are for both of us really)
    Colourful travel in white
    Trevi Pm
    Trunks & Bags sunnies (sorry for the dust they looked clean before I took pic LOL)
    cards.jpg Colourful Travel.jpg Trevi Pm.jpg Sunnies.jpg sunnies side 2.jpg
  8. OMG I love it all....especially the TREVI!!! :drool:
  9. I see charms pochette cles!
  10. we then went onto the Galleries Lafayette where I added to them the.......

    The Sac Plat in Mandarin I fell in love with this immediately i was asking about the Noe again and the SA brought this out as it was all they had.
    Pochette Plate in Fuschia from the Charms collection I know this isn't a popular collection but I love it, they actually had all colours in this I couldn't resist it
    Sac Plat.jpg Pochete Plate.jpg Reveal.jpg
  11. *chanting* Modeling pics! Modeling pics!
  12. WOOHOO! Congrats! Always love reading your posts,not to mention the pictures!:tup:
  13. Visuals

    sorry for the mugshot like sunnie pic
    sac plat & bandeau.jpg Sac plat visual.jpg sac plat visual 2.jpg sunnies side.jpg Sunnies visual.jpg
  14. more visuals
    Trevi & Bandeau.jpg trevi visual.jpg trevi visual 2.jpg
  15. Congrats!!!
    The mandarin sac plat is lovely, very unusual!!
    Love the playing cards!! Everything is gorgeous!