Bonjour from Paris - reveal!


Feb 25, 2008
Hi everyone,

I haven't been active on the forums for a long while (not even lurking) but jumped back on when I knew I was going to Paris to see where FSH etc were and the likelihood of obtaining bags...

Needless to say, the forum helped although I felt discouraged from even going to Hermes since it seemed like a matter or luck getting anything.*

To be quick: when my DH and I arrived to our hotel, we found our room was not quite ready, but would be ready in about 30 minutes. I chose then to drag my DH to hermes since it was close by.*

I thought we might have to come to FSH and George V daily before we would ever be offered anything, especially as I had heard that Kellys were getting hard to obtain. my DH thought my worries were silly and asked the first available SA if there were any Kellys available. He asked me what a wanted, which was a BBK 32 sellier, and I thought she'd immediately dismiss us - but to my surprise she went to a computer to look. Alas, no BBKs - in fact box and swift were nearly impossible for Kellys at the moment (which was ok, since I didn't want swift).*

She then said she found something I might like instead ...

At this point my heart was racing but I tried to prepare myself for disappointment - a leather/color/size I didn't like or that it would be retourne.*

Then she came out with a box and motioned us to follow. It wasn't exactly what I asked for, but as soon as we saw it - we loved it. My DH thought it was much better than black, especially since I already had a black medor...