Bonjour! Back from Paris with My Haul :)

  1. Arrived back a week ago. Paris was FANTASTIC. The sights, the people and the shopping was beautiful. The Parisians looked so classy and refined, were polite and helpful and most spoke English (contrary to what I perceived). Weather was great, cool and perfect.

    As for LV, I had mixed feelings shopping there. The boutique sizes were somewhat small except for the main store. But I wasnt blown away by the main store either. Didnt see much special or limited items. In fact, my local store had more LEs than they had. The prob is that items sells so fast that you will hardly find anything. The only LEs I saw were Patchwork Pochette, Men's Carpet FW06 bag, Tobago Keepall/Carryall, China bag (GM), Cloud bags and that was it. The other LEs like Soana, Patchwork, Mirage, Limelight, Perforated, Groom (except rond), Tobago Shoebag were all sold out and none were in sight. I was somewhat dissapointed. I thought they would have tons of hard to find items there.

    In fact, they made buying the Mirage and Mono Bequias difficult for me. They are selective in selling the seasonal items to walk ins and they play mind games with you, i.e. even if they have one on display and say they have one for sale, after passing them your passport, they might refuse selling it to you by coming up with excuses not to sell you. More on that later.

    I took tons of pics and here are some of them. Enjoy. :smile:
  2. Here are more:



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  5. wow what did you get
  6. Nice pictures!

    Sorry about the selection in LE's at the flagship store.

    Good luck back in USA!

    But what did you get?
  7. Im envious though.

  8. Thanks for sharing your photos....glad you had a good time!!!!!!!!
  9. I am having a prob in downloading some nice pics mainly because of some file size restrictions. I have pics of what I purchased and I cant download. Darn!

    Well, I bought:

    Mono Bequia PDV Bordeaux
    Mono Bequia PDG Bordeaux
    Mono Bequia PDG Antrachite
    Mono Mirage Speedy Noir (for mom)
    Damier Hampstead GM (for sis)
    Amarante Cles
    Dentelle Ludlow Gold
    Marc Jacobs DVD
    LV Shoe
    LV Jean

    Aargh, I cant download the pic.
  10. I'm envious too, wonder why they want to be so selective about who they sell to, money is money, right?
    Love your pictures!
  11. OMG - that's quite the haul !! And the pictures (so far) are lovely!
  12. IMG_3333.JPG


  13. Fab purchases! Congrats! Thanks for sharing the great pics!
  14. sounds like you had a great shopping trip. congrats!
  15. wow, i'm waiting on the eddge of my seat

    how'd you take pics with no one in the store??

    I never tried, but I assume they wouldn't let u take pics of the store, but it may be cause I'm too chicken.,..

    those pics are so pretty.

    I can't wait to seeeeeee more