Bone Hailey IRL (Reveal)

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  1. Sorry it took me so long to post these, I got my Bone Hailey on Thursday night, but the kiddos have been sick so it's been a bit chaotic at our house (nothing serious, just the usual crap they catch at school, but they need lots of tlc).

    Anyway, introducing my new Bone Hailey ... I really love her in spite of the lavender lining ... I've already taken off the tags and Appled her up so she's ready to go (I rarely take tags off so quickly). She's exactly the same color as the Bone Maggie, a very warm ivory, perfect with the gold hardware. I included a pic of her on the Coach dust bag so you can see the color difference (she has nothing in her so she kind of flopped over).

    If any of you want one, order it quick, the JAX stock was down to 56 when I picked her up.

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  2. Beautiful! I love the color and I actually like the lining too, lol. Enjoy!
  3. Its really pretty toby. Congrats on your purchase :smile:
  4. What a beauty!! :love: I need to get over my fear of white bags!
  5. :woohoo:beautiful bag!!! love the color!
  6. WOW! so pretty!!!
    congrats and enjoy!

    i know the walnut didn't work out for me but i just picked up a jade hailey at the outlet and love it!
  7. Thanks, ladies. BTW, the leather on the Bone Hailey is really nice and soft, even more than the Walnut.
  8. I love the bone! I'm so worried about colour transfer on a white bag though.
  9. Wow that's gorgeous! I'm a little jealous!
  10. That is GORGEOUS!!! I like it as much as my lime one. What a beautiful, clean looking bag. I love it all: the bone color, the clean lines, the shape. Hailey is so pretty. If I dared carry a white bag, I might go for her myself!

    Enjoy, she's definitely a keeper!
  11. It even has that madison shimmer that I love! Congrats! Its gonna be awesome for spring and summer!
  12. That is such a beautiful color! Congrats!
  13. It's beautiful!!! I love the color and the buckles on the side! Congratulations!
  14. That is one gorgeous bag!! I picked up a walnut hailey at the outlet today. I never really cared for this bag in pictures, but when I saw that walnut today IRL......simply stunning!!!! So comfortable and convenient too! Now you are making me want a white one too, lol!!
  15. Love the color! What a gorgeous bag, enjoy & congrats!