Bond No. 9 perfumes...anyone else a fan?

  1. Has anyone ever bought one? I love two perfumes called The scent of Peace and Chelsea Flowers. My Saks SA called today to say that the lady who created the perfumes will be there signing them on October 6th. Anyways, I made an appointment to attend. I think I may buy both of those bottles or one and a bond box. Any perfume suggestions in the bond line? Do they last all day when you wear them. Thanks. :smile:
  2. This is one of my favorite perfume brands. Their scents are so unique. I don't like to smell like every other woman walking down the street, so I love Bond fragrances. I have like 10 of them. The bottles are just gorgeous. All the perfumes are named after neighborhoods in NYC. They have a compilation box that offers 18 of their scent samples.

    Also, they just came out with a exclusive Saks scent called DNA . I haven't smelled it yet though.

    My two favorite ones at the moment are China Town (gorgeous bottle) thought a lot of people think it is a very strong scent. I like strong scents though. I also Jazz. Also a strong scent.

    Chelsea Flowers is a light scent imo and it doesn't have staying power. Scent of Peace to me is forgettable. Was not my cup of tea. For a light scent I like Park Avenue and Madison Soiree.
  3. Thank you so much. I will bring those suggestions in and see which ones I like. You are right, I don't like smelling like every other woman walking down the street. THat is cool that they are named after streets in New York. I have only been to NY once for a day. It was so nice. I would love to go back and stay longer. Especially to see some of the famous places. I will look at Park Avenue and China Town. THose sound wonderful.
  4. I love the bottles too - but the scents aren´t unique... the most are copies from other perfumes. For e.g. Fire Island is equal to Bobbi Brown beach :cool:

    no, not equal, it´s the same.
  5. If there is a cheaper alternate to Chinatown or Jazz, I would like to know what it is. I actually think Bobby Brown copied Demeter Summer Vacation which was very limited to Sephora last year, so nobody knows it.
  6. beach exists much longer than "last year" :confused1:
  7. Beauitful bottles. I want to get one, but no particular scent really appealed to me the day I smelled them. But I was looking quickly, so I didn't have much time to really try them out.
  8. a really good copy of chinatown you can get under the same name at

    (I have to taste chinatown and jazz again - actually can´t remeber)
  9. Everytime I wear Chelsea Flowers people ask me what I am smells amazing. Not so great staying power though.
  10. I have Bleecker Street (I live in NYC 2 blocks from Bleecker, so someone bought it for me as a gift.) I like it but it's very potent.
  11. I like the scent of peace, I havent tried chelsea flowers, I'll have to try that.
  12. does anyone know about this brand?
    They have like 31 scents and they are all themed with NYC neighborhood.

    how do you decide ? ? That's alot of sniffing !
  13. Hi everyone!

    I've been wanting to buy one of their scents for the looongest time now and I finally bought The Scent of Peace today! The scent is very smooth and happy! LOL I was choosing between The Scent of Peace, Chinatown and West Side. All of them smelled so good! I hope I made the right choice. :s

    Also, isn't it awesome that the bottles are so "New York"?? :yes:

    Anyone else a fan? If so, what's your scent? Please share!
  14. I like Chelsea Flowers and The Scent of Peace. I have not bought a bottle because I'm on a perfume ban for a while. I love those two scents because they are nice for the spring and are very calming. The scent of peace was made in honor of 9/11.