Bonanzle vs Ebay

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  1. I have never used Bonanzle so I am wondering how credible it is and the sellers are there. What has everyone's experiences been on there? Do they charge a high fee like ebay? How is the COACH selection and are there alot of fakes on there? Any input would be great. Thanks!!
  2. I love it. In most cases, you can get things for a bit cheaper since there's not as many fees like ebay so sellers will sell it for less. All the sellers I've dealt with are really good.
  3. So far my experience has been great and the transactions that I have had have been with TPF members which makes it easier also. It is also more personable.
  4. I know that it says in the rules that you can not advertise if you are selling something. How do you know if you are buying from someone from TPF?
  5. Most of us put "tPF" in our listings, so just do a search.

    Good luck!
  6. No offense, but realize that ANYONE can write "TPF" member in their listings, so be cautious that we don't trust someone who's a TPF'r more than anyone else we find on the street on online. I've seen too many postings of where someone got scammed from either a fake or real TPF'r... so use a credit card, and continue to protect oneself as you always would.
  7. I've only made one inexpensive purchase on bonanazle so far and the seller took my money and then never sent the item and didn't respond to messages. It was only $13 but I don't appreciate being cheated so I filed a claim with paypal. They responded very quickly and refunded my money.

    I am sure that this could happen on ebay or amazon too so just be careful, ******************, pay with paypal - and if it is an expensive item use your credit card to make the paypal payment.
  8. Correct, PP used for Bonz only provides protection for INR's, not SNAD... those you would have to fight with your CC provider...
  9. lol too many abbreviations for a newbie like me! lol
  10. LOL i know how you feel!

    PP - Paypal
    INR - Item Not Received
    SNAD - Significantly Not As Described
    CC - Credit Card (guess you knew this already hehe)
  11. I'm getting the hang of it!
  12. If they are TPF'ers they will give you their TPF name also - at least they have for me that is how I know. I don't just go by the TPF in the listing.
  13. Forgive my ignorance but what is INR's and SNAD???? I am still learning these abbreviated terms.
  14. oops I see someone else asked the question also hahahaha
  15. Very few Bonanzle sellers will ship to Canada. :sad: (Although I suppose it's better for my wallet, lol)