Bonanzle vs. Ebay

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  1. I was interested in a couple of things that I saw on bonanzle, but I am unfamiliar with the site.

    Are the policies similar to ebay's - I guess what I am asking is on ebay, if an item is not as promised, you can fight it - is that the same with bonanzle?
  2. I would think if you pay with paypal than yes. i have a few things listed there and that is all ill accept like most people. i think bonanzle is less of a headache than ebay.
  3. Yes very similar to Ebay..
    I have bought things at both sites!!!!!
  4. yes very similar!
    i've bought and sold on both sites- actually i've only tried to sell on bonanzle but the items sold on ebay. LOL
    but i found that bonzanzles prices are ALOT less than ebays!
  5. Bonanzle has WAY cheaper fees, and the buyers/sellers there are a LOT friendlier and easier to deal with. You don't have the lunatics that you have on eBay.
  6. bonanzle is better for you as a seller
    ebay is better for you as a buyer imo

    bonanzle is getting to have more selections but STILL not quite as large as ebay. and while they have lower/better fees so the savings would be passed on to you as a buyer..but i think paypal would only cover SNAD?
  7. Whether you pay with PP for your Bonanzle or not does NOT protect you from a SNAD claim... you only get coverage for INR's with Bonz.
  8. thanks bunny! i wasn't sure but i knew that bonz didn't really cover anything except one thing..i thought it was SNAD..waht is INR?

    thats the thing that makes me hesitant to buy on bonzale, it is easier if you want to scam people IMO..and i guess if you were to scam on ebay you could do so as well but as a buyer rather then seller.
  9. Even tho Bonz doesn't have INR offenses listed... you still have to prove you delivered the item. INR- item not received

    This does not prevent seller from delivering fake bag... or box with rox...
  10. Ahhh!!! Make me scared to buy, but I just did! I got a NWT Legacy satchel in black leather...
  11. Hi! All these questions are answered already in our eBay Forum if you'll try a search :tup:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.