Bonanzle vs eBay - Opinions?


Mar 16, 2007
Northern Central California
I recently did a search for Epi Noe's on Bonanzle and eBay and came away with the impression that prices (at least for Noe's) were higher on Bonanzle. Anyone have that experience? Anyone ever sold anything on Bonanzle? I've tried but never got any response.

Thanks for our thoughts!


Life is fabulous!
Jan 18, 2010
As a seller, I like bonanzle for their low fees. But there simply isn't enough traffic there yet. eBay on the other hand is overrun by counterfeit bags, difficult buyers and sellers... But also offers terrific traffic and a huge inventory of real bags.

At this point, if you're a seller eBay is the best choice for maximum exposure.

As a buyer, either can work well for you. But always, always authenticate!!!


Sep 19, 2008
Lone Star State
I won't use Ebay as a seller due to the ridiculouis fees. I've had no trouble selling anything on Bonanzle. Yes, it may take a little longer at times but over half my sales have come from purse forum members which I like better. Regarding prices, I price my items accordingly and do research on what they are selling for in the market. Everything I sell is in pristine condition for the most part so I feel that counts for something. There are counterfeits on Bonanzle but fairly easy to spot as well. Just have everything authenticated and you'll do fine. I also think the prices are just as fair on Bonanzle as on Ebay but you're always going to have those that raise their prices higher than average but alot of times (not all) they will work with you depending on the item of course.


Aug 6, 2009
As a buyer, I actually love buying from Bonanzle:smile: Once you see something you like, you either buy it immediately or offer a price and you deal directly with the seller. Bidding on ebay can be stressful and I don;t like the waiting till bidding ends and trying to outbid others to get the bag you want:sad:

Only issue with Bonanzle is that there's not as many items as eBay. But as I don't mind waiting, I've actually found quite a few bags on Bonanzle. And as always, I got them authenticated here at TPF first.

So don't give up selling on Bonanzle... as I believe there's many buyers who feel the same way as I do:smile:


Luxury Mart
Mar 8, 2009
As mentioned before.
Ebay is overrun with counterfeits, but does command the right amount of traffic and assortment of items.
Bonanzle lacks the traffic, but seller are generally nicer. Bonanzle needs to be more vigilant is attacking fakes. It shouldn't rely on members of the purse forum to point them out.
You should check out Malleries:smile:


Mar 15, 2010
As a seller, I HATE eBay's fees as well. They are crippling sometimes! I have actually ended up selling items at a small loss due to the fees. Still, I end up listing items there because I prefer to get the easy traffic, and quicker cash.

As a buyer, I am not confident enough with Bonanzle (which I only heard of earlier today) to buy anything from there. On the off-chance I get a counterfeit item, I want eBay on my side. It happened once before, and I got my refund very quickly.


Feb 23, 2010
Brooklyn, NY
I agree with all of the other posters that for a seller the fees are ridiculous on ebay but you get the traffic. I am getting into bonanzle since I sell and would love to avoid a lot of the ebay fees. Look at the completed items on ebay and see what your favorite items are actually selling for... mostly like it will be different than from the lower listed prices and bids you are seeing. I love buying used items on ebay, but I would be hesitant to buy an LV item there just because of the number of knock offs out there...of course there are tons of honest people selling their pre-loved lv items so who knows. Good Luck!