Bonanzle user is trying to scam me- claiming my Gucci bag is fake

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  1. heres what she sent me.

    yes, as soon as I opened it, i knew it was fake, but just in case I took it to the gucci store here in atlanta. They confirmed (1) the zipper heads were wrong (2) it is not real leather but a high quality vinyl and (3) this style was never made in this color.
    thank you for your prompt response.

    I should have known when she bought the bag on 9-11 and waited a week to pay.
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    I expect she'll send me a fake vinyl gucci back.
  3. Just have her post it in the Gucci Forum so they can authenicate it for her.
  4. she's being rather uncooperative
  5. Probably just buyer remorse, I hate selling on auction site so stressful sometimes.
    I hope it works out for you.
  6. Thanks, this will be the last time for me. I can't deal with people like this.
  7. Do you have proof of where you bought it that it would be authentic? I was sold a DISGUSTINGLY fake BAL 3 weeks ago, and the seller first told me that she bought it from a boutique, and now she says that she bought it on Ebay from an Ebay boutique.... The bag that I bought is not even a good fake. :sad:

    I contacted Carol Ives at the suggestion of TPF and Ebay. She was super helpful, and confirmed what I (and so many other TPFers knew: that it was coutnerfeit). So, I would def. rec. that you use an authentication service if it means that much to you.
  8. I am sure the bag is real, I don't really care at this point, she can have her money back, but if the bag was REALLY fake and she took it to Gucci, wouldn't they have confiscated it?

    Obviously she just changed her mind. But if she sends me anything other than the original bag back in perfect condition she's not getting jack.
  9. ^The boutique would not confiscate it, unless they desire a lawsuit or an angry outburst in the store from the buyer.... That would not look good to other customers. If you don't have proof that it is real and you do not want to use an authentication service to provide this info, then I would definitely take the bag back from the buyer and refund as long as she returns what you sold. She should def. send the back back in the condition in which she rec'd it.
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    I know that the bag is authentic, and I am going to take it back. At this point I just want to get back the same bag I sent out.
  11. Employees of Gucci are not supposed to officially authenticate goods unless they are authorized by the company. If the buyer runs consignment store, she should know better. Also, this is an non eBay transaction, so she doesn't have PayPal protection for SNAD items. But If you are worried about charge back, you better accept the return. Just make sure, she sends back the actual bag in as sold condition. You can take video when you open the package with someone can be a witness.
  12. if you are taking the bag back do not refund her until you got it in your hands and you are 100% sure that it is the bag you send her.
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    Thanks gidramom, I thought that the claim about having Gucci authenticate it was bogus, I removed the part about her running a consignment shop because I thought maybe it was out of line for me to post it.

    Thanks pukasonqo!
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    One more thing- last week when she paid for the bag she used a man's paypal account from Georgia and wanted the bag shipped to her address in Florida, I told her I could only ship to the verified address. The account names weren't even the same. I think she wanted to have it sent to the non-verified address so she could dispute the transaction in paypal.

    definitely weirdness in this entire transaction.
  15. ^^ given that, I would probably NOT take the return and see if she tries to chargeback.

    What is her Bonz ID?