Bonanzle Question regarding selling!

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  1. Hope I am putting this in the right place?? :biggrin: If not sorry!!

    I sold an item on Bonanzle...the person paid with Paypal, however the item dosen't show as being sold anyplace in Bonanzle, its not in my recently sold or any where else that I can find.

    It had a Buy Now option and no OBO on it...according to Paypal it will take 24 hours for the payment to clear? Does that have an effect on it?? I am soooo confused....hopefully someone can help me out!! :nuts:
  2. Hi, when you are logged in and have clicked on "My Bonanzle" you should see some gray boxes on the left. The second one from the top should read "Selling Activity" and towards the bottom of that box you should have a heading "Transactions." Under that heading, click on "items sold." Hope that helps. :smile:
  3. If for some reason, your item has sold, has been paid for, but does not show as SOLD, contact
  4. Yes I did that....nothing is there saying anything has sold!

    Thanks for the link....I did do some more reading and it looks like because it had a Buy Now option on it that the buyer used to purchase and Paypal has not cleared the payment yet it remains unsold and once the payment clears Paypal then Bonanzle will mark it as sold....seems like a weird way to do it, but also makes some sense!

    Thanks for your help ladies!! :biggrin:
  5. It only seems weird if you are in eBay mode, the only place in the world where it can be sold before the seller ever gets paid, and may never get paid! On Bonanzle until the seller has received the money it is not marked as sold, you will never find yourself with stock tied up waiting for a non paying bidder.

    Just like in the real world!
  6. That's good to know! Thanks