bonanzle and what u think of there site

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  1. has anyone been selling anything or has brought anything on this site???? what do u guys think of the site? is it better then ebay and is it worth it for me to start an account with them? im wanting to sell some of my bags on there>>>>>are the fees alot cheaper someone please give me some advise i just heard of this site today!!!! thanks guys
  2. I have had some really good luck with Bonanzle. It is way cheaper to sell stuff. It only cost me $1 to sell something that was $50. If the final value is less than $100 it's $3, less than $1000 it's $5, and more than $1000 it's $10!. It does not get as much traffic as Ebay, but hopefully with time that will change. I think it would be worth it to at least try. You can transport your ebay feedback to it too.
  3. I haven't bought anything from Bonanzle, but I have sold some LV bags on there. I think their selling fees are reasonable, but it takes a while to sell some stuff. I like how easy it is to use.
  4. Do a search. LOTS of Bonanzle threads on here already.:smile:
  5. ^ yup !
    i loved my 1 selling experience on bonanzle, what i like the most is that when you list, the item stays listed until you sell it, unlike ebay, where the longest listing is 10 days.
    of course, i also like the small fees too !
    i won't go back to ebay for selling my bal bags now.
  6. Hi!

    Yes, lots of threads and info already here, please use our search tool.

Thread Status:
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