Bonanza Questions

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  1. Hi! This question has probably been asked a thousand times, but I have searched and cannot find a definitive answer.

    I am a buyer on ebay and Bonz. I have a regular, free Paypal account. However, if I were to sell on Bonz or Ebay, would I have to upgrade my account to receive payments from buyers? If they use their credit/debit card through paypal, will I have to upgrade?
    Thanks for any feedback. I am very nervous at this whole prospect of selling.
  2. You shouldn't have to. Paypal will take a % of the money coming in though.
  3. That is understandable...I was just wondering, because I had read somewhere that if a buyer uses their cc linked to their paypal, that the seller would have to upgrade to receive it. Thank you for your reply, you have helped ease my mind a little. All the horror stories about selling has gotten me freaked out a bit. LOL!
  4. i dont think you would have to upgrade. i had a regular and was able to sell and purchase things just fine.
  5. Upgrade to what?
  6. I think OP means to a premiere account. In that case, probably so, if you want people to be able to make credit card payments in addition to PayPal fund or check transactions.