Bonanza just launched Bags Bonanza!

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  1. I just saw that! The site looks great. I hope it takes off. Death to eBay! LOL
  2. Is that a seperate site? If we have bags on Bonanza are they listed on bags?
  3. I just did a search on bonanza and apparently bags are still listed there too.
  4. It isn't a seperate site perse, it seems like it is just a subsite. If you have bags on Bonanza, it shows up on both sites (I am guessing Bonanza determines whether to list it on Bags Bonanza on what category the seller lists their item as)
  5. I was just going to post this. Interesting!
  6. Bags only? Interesting to know that Bonanza decided that it's worth to make a separate market place for handbags.
  7. I think designer bags are big sellers on Bonanza! They did a great job on this site, it looks very inviting and makes you want to shop!
  8. and there is a way to link/verify to your TPF account
  9. ^ woah! very interest feature!
  10. Linking the tpf id is a great idea! How do you link though? I am so bad at navigating bonanza Lol
  11. That tpf link is a cool feature if you use tpf as a selling point. But it really doesn't matter to me whether a person is a tpf member or not. Just because you are on tpf doesn't automatically make you an honest seller. It could provide a false sense of security.
  12. All but one bag I've purchased in the last three years on eBay or Bonz were listed by TPFers--active ones I recognize from being here, not just people with a membership. Not only have I felt more comfortable buying from them, but each transaction couldn't have been smoother. In the same three years, I bought three bags from non-TPF members, all on eBay. Two were SNADs, and the last one was from a huge eBay store and was perfect. I also prefer to sell to TPFers--again, only active ones.
  13. Probably so they can "police" it better. Which may have something to do with us reporting all those fakes to them?;)
  14. Totally agree, I do feel more confident when dealing with sellers from TPF and have found them so nice to deal with, nothing but good experiences so far. I'm sure it gives them a sense of security as well knowing their buyer is a TPF member. I've sold once to a TPF member and she was terrific to deal with.

    That said, of course you should check them out first, anyone can join TPF and claim to be a member. I look up their name, see if they're actively posting, sometimes I can even find them posting about the bag I'm about to purchase.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.