Bonanza Has Poor Customer Service On Disputes And I have 2 scammers out of 5 sales


Jan 7, 2008
So I have sold 5 items on Bonanza in 1 year 3 sales have been fine 2 have been a royal pain.The latest scammer filed a non receipt case 2 weeks after item was delivered.I sent her and bonanzle a scan of the delivery info.Bonanzas response was having her check with neighbors to find package.Buyers response to me was oh I made a mistake case meant for another seller.Buyer still left case open.I forwarded that email to Bonanza and after 3 weeks case is still open with no further attempt at bonanza to close case.So although I hae sold only a couple items on Bonanza its been more of a hassle settling a problem.Other sites you provide tracking they close case.So be very careful when selling there make sure to always use shipping with insurance and tracking
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Feb 25, 2007
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How are you contacting them? Have you sent an email directly to If not, do that.

Include all the info necessary to prove your case.

When you print shipping labels, do you mark the item as shipped and post the d.c. number into the "sold" transaction?