BONANZA.COM is cracking down on payment requests outside of BNZ

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Dec 22, 2010
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I know that many diehard collectors have probably shopped and sold on Many have listed on BNZ but completed transactions outside of BNZ, agreeing to do a direct invoice through PP or just gifting the money, thus BNZ didn't get their fee for the payment of the item. Happens alot when buyers and sellers become friends and such.

FYI, they are cracking down on that activity, just as eBay has.

eBay's more sophisticated system will immediately stop your internal msg if it has an email address included in the message and give you a warning. You simply won't be able to send that msg unless you remove the email address from the text.

BNZ will allow you to send your message but you will likely get a note from them saying there was a violation of requesting payment outside of BNZ and that you need to respond to the note and that involved accounts are pending suspension.

Just FYI guys.


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Sep 8, 2006
Are bonz reading all the messages? No privacy for buyers and sellers?

I haven't been to bonz in a year or so but this is interesting..
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