Bonanza Buyer Claiming I Sold Her a Fake

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  1. I did some searching but couldn't quite find the info I was looking for.

    About a month ago, a buyer in the UK bought a pair of Louboutin shoes from me (I'm in the US). According to tracking, they were "awaiting payment of charges" since Sept. 10, and they were finally picked up by the buyer today. I just got a notice from Paypal letting me know that she filed a SNAD dispute and in her message she says that the shoes are fake. I sent a message through Paypal directing her to the Christian Louboutin authentication thread, but is there anything else I should do? My bank account is not connected to the Paypal account. How likely is it that they will side with the buyer? TIA for any advice.
  2. If she filed the SNAD based on the claim that the shoes are not authentic, she'll have to prove that; I don't believe that PP will accept tPF for this, though certainly that confirmation might make the buyer feel better.

    Do you have any of the original paperwork, such as the store receipt for the shoes? If you did, you could scan it and submit it to PP.
  3. Also, I just can't get over that Bonanzle changed their to Bonanza - it sounds horribly tacky, IMO - like you're going on a 1970s game show or something.
  4. Definitely be proactive.

    Did you buy the shoes at a boutique/store? Do you still have the receipt? Submit it if you do. If you are close to any boutique CL SAs, some will authenticate the shoes for you. Submit those as well.

    You can accept the return and refund if you don't want to deal with the hassle.

    If paypal sides with the buyer, they will take the money out of your paypal account. If this was purchased through ebay, paypal will refund with their money and then go after you for the money (collections etc if you don't pay up). If this was not through ebay, and no money is in the paypal account, paypal can't refund the buyer. BUT the buyer has the option of filing a cc chargeback if they paid by cc through paypal.

    Paypal recently changed their policy where they will protect buyers buying off ebay using paypal. It hasn't taken into effect yet.

    Sorry to hear that you're going through this
  5. Maybe the buyer decided she doesn't want them or they don't fit and she doesn't really think they are fake.

    Paypal will likely ask her for an official letter proving they are not authentic.
  6. Laureen:

    Right now, and until Nov 1, there's no PP Buyer Protection outside eBay. Off-eBay, buyers can open INR and SNAD disputes, but they can't escalate the SNAD disputes to claims, so PP does not make a ruling in those cases. In INR claims, refunds hinge on what PP can recover from the sellers (though exceptions have been made, as far as I know). A SNAD dispute filed under PP's Buyer Complaint Policy is meant to serve as platform for buyer and seller to communicate about the problem; that's all.

    So there's no chance PP will side with the buyer because there won't be a claim for PP to rule on.

    Beware a chargeback, however...
  7. I thought buyers can't file SNAD on transactions not on ebay (although this will change starting 11/1?)- Wait and see if paypal will close the claim.
  8. I don't have any documentation. I bought them from a friend and she might have her original receipt, would that help?

    Thanks for all the responses so far. I hope it's not a case of buyer's remorse and that she gets some reassurance from the authentication thread.
  9. It wouldn't hurt for you to put as much info together about the authenticity of the shoes just in case she disputes the charge with her credit card company...IF she used one to pay via PP.
  10. She paid with an e-check if that helps, can you do that through PP with a credit card?
  11. As far as I know, eChecks are just that--electronic checks--and the funds come from the buyer's bank account, not a credit card.
  12. If you're 100% sure these shoes are legit, then the buyer probably regrets the purchase and wants to return them or the buyer is out to scam you. How's her feedback?
  13. I am absolutely 100% sure. I've also posted photos of them from several angles in multiple threads here on tPF; if they were fake someone would have noticed. She has 0 feedback; in fact I think she bought them on bonanza as a guest?

    I think she might be paranoid as she said that she compared them to her other shoes and there are certain details that are off. We have gotten quite a few people in the CL sub-forum who think that you can tell authenticity by looking at the font or certain defects that are common on authentic shoes, and this is not the case (for CLs). But then again, she definitely could be a scammer, you never know these days.
  14. So they're legit, you tried to reassured her and advised her to come here to get them authenticated. There's nothing else you can do, for now at least. Accepting a return from a zero-feedback buyer who showed up just to buy those shoes would be too risky. She won't be able to escalate the SNAD dispute to a claim, so PP can't touch your money. (I would keep a zero balance in that PP account, just in case.) If she files a cc chargeback, deal with it then.
  15. PP has already deducted the money from my account, so it's in the negative (there was nothing in the account). "The disputed amount has been temporarily deducted from your account until the dispute is resolved."