bonanza asking for tpf login details?

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  1. wow, i'm curious about the update. very bold of bonanzle to do this without tPF approval (which i doubt they'd ever get) passwords really?

    we'll be glad this was brought up
  2. wow I assumed it was sanctioned!
  3. They did this with ebay FB, which I imported then changed my password. I don't like the idea of linking my tpf ID to my bonz ID, even though I can change the password after. It's your choice if you want to advertise who you are on tpf, but it shouldn't involve this kind of verification.
    I think they were ultimately trying to do this to cut back on scammers, but they didn't go about it the right way.
  4. I think they're trying to align themselves w/ us TBH. They benefitted a GREAT DEAL w/ their exposure here. . . shame on them.
  5. facebook does this with a lot of sites, i put in my facebook info on and it uses my photo and info from facebook.
  6. ^All things, no matter how innocent the intent, you should always know the way and the means that the site uses that info (how does it cache it, does it store it? does it use the info to market ads to you in the future?).... ALWAYS.
  7. they really should have cleared it with you guys first though, legit or not.
  8. Is this why the bonanza.bags is now SKB on the Bonanza fakes thread?

    I'm shocked. But since I didn't use my Bonanza account in the last month or so I would have not known this. Not the right way to verify membership here at all.
  9. nope....
  10. :shocked:

    This is bit scary giving out your private information.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.