bonanza asking for tpf login details?

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  1. woah! Can't believe they have that and Vlad and Megs know nothing about it.
  2. yes, nuts apparently. Don't anyone ever give out your tPF password!!!
  3. ^Maybe a headline should be made about this since we have a fair amount of users who are probably members there too?
  4. Isn't it common sense, though? Passwords are meant to be private because they provide access to private accounts. And even if it isn't common sense to some people, the "never give out your password to anyone...ever" is all over the Internet.
  5. I wonder if anyone has done this?? I wonder what it looks like after "verification..."
  6. I am just shocked they wouldn't come to Megs & Vlad first to run it by them, besides the whole asking for passwords thing. TPF has done so much for Bonanzle's business. Not sure where they would be today without the members of this site constantly advertising for them.
  7. this is scary! omg i am so glad i read this thread. for a few reasons and the last straw was the ability to see the tracking number, how about that would allow someone to intercept the purchase if the buyer was away from their home.

    this is awful.

  8. for sure because i came in this thread not thinking i would read this horrible issue.
  9. I mean, how about asking ebay to link feedback? Makes me glad that I have the Paypal security fob attached to my account, atleast they might have my password but not my 6 digit pin to get into the account.

    Nothing in their Privacy terms covers either the ebay or the TPF login information or how it's handled.
  10. :shocked: I'm still shocked about this. Thank you So much for bringing this to our attention :flowers:
  11. We will update soon. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention everyone.
  12. This is still "news" to Vlad and Megs - I'm pretty sure they're planning an announcement soon. They on it, trust.
  13. pinch poke Megs! :biggrin:
  14. I was also asked to input my tpf ID and password. That was 2 days ago. Thought it was strange. Thank goodness I didn't do it.
  15. Do NOT give put your PF password to anyone...period!!!!!

    We are stunned they are doing's beyond scary!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.