bonanza asking for tpf login details?

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  1. Hi - I'm just listing an item on 'bags bonanza' and it asked me if I was a member of tpf...I could confirm my tpf details by entering my name/password etc....

    ''To display credentials based on your ThePurseForum membership''

    is this ok to do and what am I gaining by doing this??
  2. uhhhh I'd say that sounds like a red flag to me. I'd NEVER, EVER give my pswd to a site to another site without understanding of how or what it's being used for.
  3. never give out passwords. username should be enough. they could PM you here to confirm it is you.
  4. yes good point - this is what they state -

    ''To display credentials based on your ThePurseForum membership, please enter your login information below. This information will be used only to verify your ThePurseForum membership. After your membership has been successfully confirmed, we will not store your ThePurseForum login info.''

    I haven't filled it in anyway - I'm not sure my tpf 'credentials' will help me sell!
  5. Whoa - We know NOTHING about this and are not ok with it. I will have Vlad follow up with them directly. Please do not do this though, as I have no idea what is going on.
  6. ok - thanks for that.
  7. :shocked:
  8. :wtf:
  9. Here's the screenshots I got...

    Here's the page when logged in that you can submit info (I did not...)

    And the section that appears at your profile...

    TO me, I'd not want sellers or buyers to know what I'd posted about on there.. especially let's say if I had problems with a seller with a transaction I'd want to reach out to them first... which is cool, but what if they weren't being helpful or sold a fake item? I would not want them coming to TPF to ***** at me for bringing it up, YKWIM?

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  10. Thanks. Admin will look into this.....
  11. They do this with eBay feedback too. They will link your eBay feedback history to your Bonanza ID. At least, they did when I joined last year. I felt weird about doing it, but I went for it. After my eBay feedback was added to Bonanza (which was immediate), I changed my eBay password directly afterwards. My eBay account never suffered for it. All is well.
  12. Yeah I wouldn't want to share my information here with my buyers over there. Bunny, you are absolutely right, they might come over here and kick up a fuss to get attention to whatever might go wrong over at Bonanza.
  13. ^Heh, you think that's bad? HOw about this...

    If I go to a recent item someone bought, I click on the link, I can see the Bonanza order #, including..... here's the kicker, THE TRACKING #! I just tracked a package to someone's house in Kansas... and it's not even MY won transaction.

    Man, someone's doing a poor job in security of their transactional info... I now know without a doubt where the seller lived (or shipped the item from) and where the package was delivered... EVEN IF the buyer or seller didn't publicize their location info in their Bonz profile.

    I started at their "testimonials" page... (one place I'd like to be able to have the ability to OP OUT OF BEING SHOWN ON...), clicked a user's name from leaving feedback, then their seller or buyer name, then the transaction info, etc to the end got me a tracking # and to USPS I went.
  14. I don't think there are ulterior motives, but I agree that they're way out of line asking for passwords. TPF user IDs? Maybe. Passwords? Are they nuts?
  15. Wow, I like Smoothoprter did it for my ebay feedback to transport over and never had any problems - but seeing this tPF thing is crazy.
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