bon voyage to me!

  1. it's spring break for my school this week and i'm leaving until thursday! i just wanted to say adios to you wonderful ladies and bid you a good week before i run off! byebye!
  2. Have fun!
  3. Stay safe and have fun,
  4. Have a fun and safe vaca Amanda!
  5. Have a great time Amanda. I'll miss you!!
  6. Where are you headed for break??

    Hope you have a great time, we will miss you!!
  7. Woohoo, have fun! Stay safe :nuts:
  8. Have a blast!
  9. Have fun Amanda! :nuts::nuts::nuts: We'll miss you!
  10. Woohoo, have fun! Be safe and have a blast!
  11. Have a great time on Spring Break! I wish I still got those!!
  12. Have a great time!!!
  13. have fun! don't go too crazy!!
  14. Be safe - Enjoy!!!!!!!!
  15. Have fun!