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  1. This sight has been the best in the last 1 and 1/2 years but its time to bid farewell.
    I have purchased 4 LV'S and a chanel clutch and now after much soulsearching I am ending my daily visits to this sight and my BAG shopping days are over.( at least till my kids are finished with college in 1 and 3 years)
    I decided to cancel the ivory alma and feel that with 2 kids in college I need to concentrate on them and thier finacial needs. They both work parttime and are really frugal with their money and mine , but I am getting rid of my credit card debt .
    Call it an epiphany or just a wake up call, life is to short and i have other things to think about and spend on.
    I WILL CHERIsH my time here and hope everyone still continues to enjoy thier bags.
    I love to read so, that's my new hobby , library books at that and /or hand me downs.
    Bon Voyage guys and gals and it was a pleasure.
    No regrets , i have some fab bags but I'm happy with them.
  2. can't you stay and contribute, and just not buy.....i know, it's tough to do though, right?:sweatdrop: do what you have to do, but maybe check in periodically?:shrugs: best to you![​IMG]
  3. You could always just contribute by giving advice you don't need to buy bags all the time. Good luck to you though!:flowers:
  4. I would probably be better off if I would do the same. I've spent so much money on LV since I've been a part of this site. I'm obsessed with it:nuts:
  5. we will all miss you but best of luck to you on your life's journey. :flowers: pls drop in when you can.
  6. I think we all feel that way, that we just can't say no. I go through spurts where i need to withdraw a bit and then am on here full force like a bull charging down the streets of Spain. Good Luck to you! Feel free to stop by and lets us know how you are doing.
  7. I will miss you. Please come back and visit every now and then. I do know what you mean about there being more to life. Good luck to you and your family.
  8. I wish you all the best for your future-sometimes interests and priorities in life just change. And as I am working in the book industry I can only tell you that you picked a wonderful new hobby!
  9. Good luck! We will miss are being a responsible parents, glad you realize a better way to use your hard earn money w/. Hope to see you soon! :flowers:
  10. until we next meet....
  11. Best of luck to you. Enjoy your wonderful bags and hope to see you soon.
  12. Im so sorry to hear that you are leaving, but I can totally understand. I also feel like Ive bought way too many bags since joining tPF.

    Hope you can drop by once in awhile and chat with all of us!
  13. Awww.....sorry you are leaving us. Take care
  14. I totally understand. Sometimes, I step back and think that my money would have been better spent by investing it in my kids college fund or my retirement fund. So, I do understand. I tell myself that I am "building" my collection then I won't buy as much. I will try to stick to this.

    Good Luck in your decision. :smile:
  15. Best of luck! :flowers: Hopefully you will stop in every once and a while!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.