bombarded by wedding themes

  1. I'm suddenly feeling almost a bit depressed. too many wedding related themes are popping up. AND even though I don't really care to be married right away, I do want to get married... and well, I'm in that weird mental state where it feels as though I want to get married for the sake of getting married... like I don't want to be the last one in line... yet deep down inside, it doesn't really matter to me because I have the greatest man in the world whom I know I will marry one day (just after he is done with school and all). Is this normal and how do I get over this PRONTO? :smile:
  2. My friend was in love with the idea of getting married. She had a fabulous wedding at Santorini, you know, a view of the archipelago, sunset, the Volcano, white flowers, white roman candles, gorgeous dress, tearful ceremony, etc...
    6 months later her husband suicide because of the dept they were in, because of the wedding...
    She is a manicurist for a living (instead of a housewife that lunches and shops as she dreamed) and still owes money to the bank, friends and family...

    Did you get over it yet??
  3. That's the most depressing thing I've ever read :sad:
  4. that is really depressing. but unfortunately im sure he committed suicide for more than that single reason. on that note, why didnt anyone stop her from spending all that money?
  5. That's an awful story! But, to the OP, I am sure many feel that way. I can't totally relate, but I do feel sometimes that I'll be the last in line, if it happens to me. You kind of just have to let it be, things happen when they do.
  6. Hah... I feel the same way! I'm getting my wedding prepared and I think I'm only doing it for the sake of doing it. I'm only formalizing my current living situation, mostly to make my parents happy. I guess the best way to rationalize is it is to realize that my DF deserves to have it formalized. And besides, at least we get to shop for a wedding dress! It will be all over soon enough and life will return to normal. Just hang in there!
  7. Make sure you take more time planning your marriage than you do planning your wedding. Because your wedding only lasts a day......

    My DH and I basically eloped. We got married in front of a judge with only our Moms and his brother and my sister there. Everyone knew we were getting married, we just didn't have a big party to do it. Eloping is almost a tradition with my family.
  8. My fiance and I are doing the same thing. We started to plan a big wedding and was just getting out of control. So we are getting married this march in front of a judge and our parents.

    When you start thinking about it spending all that money for litteraly a couple hours to us it wasnt worth it...we would rather go on an honeymoon and throw a party when we get back for our close friends and family.
  9. Good for you.

    My parents encouraged us to elope by offering to buy our front loader washer and matching dryer if we didn't have a fancy wedding. Not that they would have paid for my wedding anyways, I was 33 when I got married. A little old to be expecting my parents to pay for anything for me.
  10. Every day is a new day with the man you love. Cherish every one and thank God (or whoever) for the time you have together. You have the rest of your life together.....try not to get caught up in the whole wedding mentality. Think of it as - it's just a bunch of companies telling you that you need this dress or those invitations. None of that matters. Just enjoy each other.:heart:
  11. I'm totally in agreement with saying it's the marriage that's important, not the wedding itself.
    I told my Dad, give me $200.00 & I'll tell you when to be there to walk me down the aisle, he was so grateful.
    Our reception was at the house, my in-laws bought the cake, & guests were bringing beer & champagne. We had a wonderful party.
    We've been married almost 24 years now.
    Your time will come!
  12. The marriage is the important thing not the wedding... The wedding is just a few hours of showing off to the freeloaders that will go to the next wedding and compare your wedding to the next...
    There is no respect for the meaning of the wedding anymore, there is this pressure from the magazines, the friends, parents, media, that a couple's wedding must be something like princess Diana's and prince Charles's wedding...

    The money the owed was the sole reason... They had a big argument the night he commit suicide (about 6 months after the wedding), about the money she spent. He took his car and drove it off a cliff near their house.
    A terrible story... I was completely shocked when I heard that this guy committed suicide, and it was just 5 months before my wedding, and let me tell you I completely changed my mind on the wedding ****...
    I did have a church wedding, and a party afterwards, but it really costed very little money. We saved most cash, for our honeymoon, and our new house (we moved in 2 years after we got married).

    Just don't rush things, that's my advice.
  13. you all are so sweet. Thank you. I forgot about it for a time, because today is the first time I came back to check the post. I guess it's just being around that air and superficial friends. Thank you ALL for putting it into perspective about the marriage rather than the wedding. And yes, I do believe most of it is over, for now at least. AND yes, it IS a new day every day. Thank you all again!

    With Love,
    a sister of the PuRsE FoRuM