Bomb explodes at Paypal in New Jersey

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  1. That is horrible and glad that no one inside the building was injured....
  2. someone already posted this.
  3. Good that no one is hurt. Except probably the unhinged bomber who got scammed by Paypal and resorted to this.
  4. I posted in the LV section, because that's where I usually am; but I thought the folks in the Ebay section might want to know too and might not see it if it was just in LV.

    Does it hurt in some way for it to be posted in both subforums? If it does - sorry, I didn't know I couldn't do that. I thought the Ebay folks might be interested.

    It was not posted in this section before I posted. Sorry if I stepped on any toes.
  5. Who's toes are you stepping on Charleston-Mom???
    Thanks for posting this in this forum....:flowers:
  6. There is a post above mentioning I had already posted (I guess they meant the LV forum).

    Thanks! I just sure am glad no one was hurt - I would be so frightened if that happened to me at work!
  7. yes, she posted this twice and we don't allow duplicates.
    I'll close one now.
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Not open for further replies.