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  1. My first one. I saw 3 Bolides in the SD store. A rouge Garrance 31 Clemence with GHW, A Soleil with PHW 37, and a Beigeish color 37 cm.

    I think a Bolide should be my next bag. Any thoughts/ideas/leathers that I should consider?

    Is Clemence heavy in this style? There are also some choices on TLP.

    Any thoughts on those?? Thank you.

    Marron Fonce Fjord
  2. A great understated/under the radar bag, highly functional. The choice of leather really depends on the look you want to exude with the bag. A stiff smooth leather (like Box) on a 31cm would lend you the classy elegant look whilst a smooshy leather (like clemence) on a mou 37cm would be more casual.

    I find a 37cm clemence Bolide is considerably lighter than clemence in a 35cm Birkin. The bag itself is not as big/bulky.
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    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
    I'd go for non-exotics either full leather or toile version in size 31/37 and above; fun combos (e.g. vibrato) or exotics (prefer in ostrich, in fun colors) in size 27 and croc in size 31. I saw an orange swift vibrato bolide in size 27 GH w/strap on an owner yesterday and it was cute.:tender: Marron Fonce Fjord Bolide:tup:.
  4. Are Bolides easier to find in the UK or Europe?? It maybe cheaper..
  5. ^Should be.
  6. potiron in togo would be my choice!
  7. I've seen quite a few on the shelf in Selfridges London.....i think as it's such a small shop want you see is what you get so you have to be lucky with colour etc.
  8. My store had a couple recently one in Epsom i think 37 price was around £3350 pounds
  9. Personally, I think the Bolide looks better in structured leathers. This is one of those bags which I think looks much better standing up alone on its own, instead of being floppy. So I'd go for sturdier leathers like epsom/fjord.

    But of course, to each their own :biggrin:
  10. I agree with you, I don't think floppy suits the Bolide, I would second fjord as a leather, but as you say each to their own :biggrin:

  11. Bolides are great! They are so easily to get in and out of - like - zip-up and go kind of bag. I think they look gorgeous both mou and structured, just dependent on the occasion.
    A very classy bag! ;)
    Good luck on your search!
  12. Thank you. I prefer structure as well. I appreciate the input. I think my strategy is to find one in Europe or UK. Thank you everyone so so much. I love tpf!!!!!
  13. I love bolides! I have two 37 mou, and I think they're great for casual wear. I think structured leathers are okay, they add a little more 'formalness' (can't think of a better word at the moment) to the bolide. I'd love to get the rouge h that's on Luxury Portal right now!
  14. ^^ The rouge H is very nice but I don't know much about Vache Ligee so I am a bit hesitant..
  15. I love the rouge H bag as well. Vache Liagee is perhaps my favorite Hermes leather- it's lighter than other textured leathers, doesn't have the veins so it's very even, & holds the shape great. I say go for it- the price is great for a near new Bolide. VL is more expensive than other textured leathers but totally worth it if you ask me. I've had my VL Birkin for a number of years now & it still looks great!