Bolides: 31cm vs 37cm

  1. Would someone assume...

    that if you like 35cm would like the 37cm bolides better

    and people that like 30cm birkins like 31cm bolides?

    I love love love 35cm birkins and I am thinking of a bolide...

    orange clemance/togo OR a barenie bolide!
  2. I suggest you try them for size! I really like the 37 cm Bolide and one would probably suggest a 31 cm due to my height/weight etc.

    I also think it depends if you want a rigid Bolide or a floppy style.
  3. I really like it in clemance....

    but the barenia isn't so floppy.

    I am a hankerin' for one.
  4. GG, your thinking of a Bolide???????? You go girl.
    I havent a Birkin, so I cant compare.
    But I have a 37cm Gold Bolide and a 31cm Chartreuse Bolide.
    Personaly I prefer the 31. But thats because I am now leaning towards smaller bags.
    I am 5 4" (and a little plump), and think both bags suit me just fine.
    And I think they are lighter than the Birkins, but maybe someone with more knowledge of both bags would be more useful to you:upsidedown:

  5. I would agree....and some sizes work better for everyday vs dress. The 37 bolide is like a 35 in that it is a functional bag. A 31cm bolide can be everyday for the right person who likes a smaller bag and its a terrific suit/dress/evening bag in the right leather etc.
  6. It is so tough to generalize on this really depends on the leather/color and how you plan to use this bag. All purpose? Dressy? Ultra Dressy? Funky?
  7. Thanks Raz, I don't want to be thinking of this because I don't want to buy another bag for a year....but ilovemylife's orange 37cm is amazing!
  8. I want this to be a bag when I don't want to mess with a birkin, etc. something less fussy and super casual.....
  9. I'm a 35 birkin girl and have 2 37 bolides. Like KellyBag, I think that a 31 is a better fit for my frame, but I still prefer the 37.

    It does depend on use--mine are everyday go everywhere bags and I like to be able to put in extra stuff when need be. The skin is also a factor. To me, my floopy bolide feels smaller than by stiffer (fjord) bolide.
  10. I agree, I would try them on, I love both, but I tend to elbow my 37 behind me when I use the strap. It's a lotta bag when hanging from the shoulder.
  11. hmm. I am afraid if I start trying them on...I will walk out with one
  12. I can say my clemence bolide is a lot less heaver than my birkin. It's also less recognizable than a birkin, which I like in certain situations. My bolide is a 37 and the shoulder strap comes in handy for keeping hands free! Would I go as far to assume that if one likes a 35 birkin that they would like a 37 bolide (or a 30 birkin and a 31 bolide) -- not necessarily. It depends on what you are carrying and when and what you'd be wearing. The best suggestion is go and try them on and decide what size, leather, colour, etc. best suits you.
  13. I use my 37 as more of a casual. It's was rigide starting to look mou.
  14. hhmm... this is so bad!

    I think I will still use it mostly as a handbag, shop, do errands, etc more

    I do want a shoulder bag one today. maybe trim heehe