1. I have the opportunity to obtain a white/linen Bolide- have only had Kellys and Birkins.
    Anyone own one of these- what do you think?
  2. Love it!
    I own a Bolide - not in that combination though - and love it. It's a very elegant, yet practical, bag.
    Go get it!
  3. Go for it!! I would love to have one, as well.
  4. P.S. When you get it, please post photos on the "ode to the bolide" thread so we can admire it!
  5. OOOh! What size is it? Do these bags mou at all? I love this combo!
  6. thanks for all the replies- will let you know.
  7. Bolide is actually my next favorite bag, after Kelly. It's so understated but yet practical.
  8. I adore the Bolide too....go for it!!